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  1. Hi I preordered and got the email but the link is not working. I've called hmv and they are aware of the problem and are trying to resolve it. Did you not have this problem?
  2. I think this is a major cock-up by Amazon. It should read £249.49. Hence at that price I've ordered one and I think any one else interested should do so asap before they notice their mistake! What a bargain! I'm prepared to take my chances with this order bearing in mind the price they are quoting. I already have every Zep album probably four times over in different formats - Vinyl, mini replicas, boxed sets, etc but if I'm going to get all the mini replicas again remastered and all covers to ITTOD at a price of £29.49 I ain't gonna hesitate! If I don't get what I'm expecting then I'll just ask for a refund but only after I insist they honour their price and contract!
  4. Genesis will be premiering their new documentary on 20th May @ Kensington Odeon. Only 400 tickets are available for this event which will be attended by the band members who will also be taking questions from the audience. This will surely be a unique opportunity. It will also be an opportunity for me to ask them to only play their classic 70's stuff on their next tour and not the pop poo from the eighties! If you want tickets go on Genesis-music.com now and click on the link - these tickets will sell out fast.
  6. £5 for one measure of spirit is not sticking it to us? I managed to smuggle in 6 doubles of JD and I saved about £45.
  7. http://www.team-skinny-racing.com/lzo2/index.html
  8. http://www.nme.com/news/robert-plant/33153 Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, whose recent album 'Raising Sand' has garnered mass critical acclaim, have announced new European tour dates for 2008. The tour will see the Led Zeppelin singer and country star play a date at London’s Wembley Arena on May 22, as well as three other UK dates in Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss play: Birmingham NIA (May 5) Manchester Apollo (7) Cardiff International Arena (8) Düsseldorf Philipshalle (10) Brussells Forest National Club (11) Paris Le Grand Rex Theatre (13) Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall (14) Stockholm Hovet (Ice Hall) (16) Oslo Spektrum (18) Bergen Bergenshalle (19) London Wembley Arena (22) Tickets go on sale on Friday (December 14) at 9am GMT.
  9. Chris Evans became a fan of Zep only a couple of years ago - I remember Danny Baker telling him how good they were and he dedicated one of his shows to them. Here's his blog entry:- PETER KAY, THE EDGE AND A WOLE LOT OF LOVE Chris Evans 11 Dec 07, 03:04 PM Without doubt one of the most eccentric people in showbiz, introducing... ... Mr Peter Kay in our box last night at the O2. On his own, smiling, chomping on a sarnie, having driven himself down from the north west - happy as a sand boy. A huge Zep fan by the way. Always nice, always friendly. (In a thick Bolton accent) "Hey, how about that Almost Famous, 'ow good is that film, I'm always in floods whenever I watch it. It just brings back all those feelings of being young, yer whole life ahead of you - all yer dreams ahead of you." Apparently he watched it on the way to the gig to get him in the mood. How he did this and drive I declined to ask. Lovely fella though. Hey did anyone mention that Foreigner were the support act. "I wanna know what love is," oh yes baby. So how was the concert ? How do you think ? In a word... awesome. Jimmy Page was on fire, I mean really on fire, Jason Bohman spookily good and Robert the Plant's voice as good as ever. I never realised how funky they were ! And how do you go about writing those songs ? They're so complex, so massive, so magnificent. All the biggies, all the must plays didn't disappoint, nothing disappointed - the stage show itself was breathtaking. To such an extent, according to U2's manager Paul Mcguiness, "there's no way this is a one off." Hurrah. My favorite moment however was after the show. A picture I'll never forget. Jimmy Page backstage slumped on a sofa with his three kids draped all over him telling their daddy how much they loved him. A happier, more content man, it would be difficult to imagine. CLP. 2007. X.
  10. Vic Reeves taking his seat at 9.40pm with his missus and leaving at 10.30pm - words fail me - except the word "tossers!" His wife talked to her mate all the time she was there and paid little attention to the music - why bother going - give your tickets to fans who would have appreciated it - selfish bastards!
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