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  1. Folks, It was indeed an incredible experience! I have told a bunch of people here at the hotel and anybody 50 or over goes nuts. One guy took a pic of my pic to show it off to people at home. Many people are stunned that I recognized him without any context or cues.My brain took about 5-10 seconds to recover from the shock of who I was looking at right in front of me. I am such a fan of his work ( Own all the Zep and solo works plus tons of live bootlegs). When I was 16 I would pose in front of the mirror trying to look like Robert did on stage. Suddenly on this Saturday in this little p
  2. Here's the photo I snapped of Robert in the bar earlier today.
  3. Folks, I am a hugh Zeppelin fan. I mean as big as they come. So who do I meet this morning in a bar? SO I am in Atlanta for a professional conference and some colleagues call me and say to meet them at a little hole in the wall Irish pub downtown. I get there and we are sitting in a little booth. The women with me are talking about this guys shoes (red cool looking shoes) who is sitting at the bar. Guy has curly blonde hair pulled back. I went to the bar got a beer...glance over...HOLY SHIT THAT DUDE IS ROBERT PLANT!!!!!!!!! SO I go back to my booth about 10 feet away...I looked stunn
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