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  1. Folks, It was indeed an incredible experience! I have told a bunch of people here at the hotel and anybody 50 or over goes nuts. One guy took a pic of my pic to show it off to people at home. Many people are stunned that I recognized him without any context or cues.My brain took about 5-10 seconds to recover from the shock of who I was looking at right in front of me. I am such a fan of his work ( Own all the Zep and solo works plus tons of live bootlegs). When I was 16 I would pose in front of the mirror trying to look like Robert did on stage. Suddenly on this Saturday in this little pub in Atlanta, one of the biggest legends in music history is drinking a beer in front of me. Now if only Paul McCartney can stop by my local donut shop my life will be complete
  2. Here's the photo I snapped of Robert in the bar earlier today.
  3. Folks, I am a hugh Zeppelin fan. I mean as big as they come. So who do I meet this morning in a bar? SO I am in Atlanta for a professional conference and some colleagues call me and say to meet them at a little hole in the wall Irish pub downtown. I get there and we are sitting in a little booth. The women with me are talking about this guys shoes (red cool looking shoes) who is sitting at the bar. Guy has curly blonde hair pulled back. I went to the bar got a beer...glance over...HOLY SHIT THAT DUDE IS ROBERT PLANT!!!!!!!!! SO I go back to my booth about 10 feet away...I looked stunned...suddenly the ladies say " hey why are those people taking a picture with that guy with the shoes....I turn around and Robert is standing there with folks snapping pictures on the cell phone. I pulled mine out and got a great photo. He spoke in that unmistakable voice and I could hardly believe my eyes. As soon as he posed for pics he shook hands and out he went. I was like a 12 year old school girl!!! The younger colleagues were amused and beffudled why the dozen or so people in the bar were bouncing off the walls. My incredible morning Tom
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