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  1. SupaDave, thanks for the constructive comments friend, exactly the type of comment i am looking for. Not necessarily positive, or negative, just constructive. Dewiecox, i agree and feel that the tune is boring, and as Supadave said, it still needs more work doing. I will add that all the guitar you hear is me playing, the bass is me too. Your right that the drum is loops, in fact two drum beats playing together. The strings are are also me playing my synth so, no i don't play violins but i did play that. That's modern technology for you. Am i to be penalised and mocked for embracing it??
  2. Hi all. I have often thought that if any band tried to do acover of Stairway to Heaven, no matter how good that band is, or no matter how exacltly like the original their version was, they could never, ever beat the original track, in terms of the number of people that like the song. I mean, a cover could never do as good as the original or become as legendary as the original. That's my opinion anyway. I wonder what other people think about covers of this song. I believe that the only time any band can do a cover of this song is if they are playing live, and the audience wants to hear it,
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