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  1. Hi, I'm Kathryn May Harris. I have blue eyes, "Robert Plant" Hair, am tall, try my best all the time, want to be a Graphic Designer or something in that general direction, and I want to listen to Led Zeppelin all my life.

  2. I'm Led Zeppelin obsessed! It is my favorite band ever.

    I love Robert Plant and I love the things he says and his hair. My hair looks just like his-blonde, curly/wavy, and best of all, it's natural! If I could do only one thing in the world, I would meet Robert Plant.

    I am gifted in drawing and have drawn realist pictures of Johnny Depp and Robert Plant. I'm planni...

  3. Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Who Neil Young, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, the Beatles and others use to be known all around and we loved them! But know, since just before the 00's, music has gone berserk and literally sucks. Now the new generations (apart from a few like me) are listening to crap and some strange adults are following. If you mention one of the above bands, they are like, "What are you talking about?". Most don't even want to listen to new bands because they want to stick to their "generation". What is your opinion on this outrage?
  4. When my mum introduced me to Led Zeppelin, It was as if someone had taken away all negative parts of me away and left me nothing but hairs standing on edge, eye's tearing with astonishment, my heart pumping to the beat. My body moved to the music, my ears listening to every sound- every song was magnificent and non of them I disliked. And if the sun refused to shine, I will still be loving you Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant: Gorgeous voice, amazing sounds, is one of the best vocalists in the world (in my opinion he is the best) and he is hot! I found it amazing that my naturally blonde, curly/wavy hair is just like his! He is such a sweet guy and has the looks to match it the best voice in the world as a bonus touch.That's part of the reason why I love Robert Plant. I would love to meet him one day. With out these amazing four men together, you wouldn't have Led Zeppelin. If only John Bonham didn't die, Led Zeppelin would still be Led Zeppelin. One of the greatest drummers in the World. Jimmy Page is just.... I can't think of the right word he is so good. John Paul just exquisite. I was first introduced to Kashmir and I already new the song and I already had fallen in love with it. Led Zeppelin is my life and so are many other bands which aren't new! What happened to music? I should lived in the 70's instead of been born 1996!
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