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  1. Thanks Northstar! Zed Lep, what a shame about that wedding! Hope you had a good time. They are playing the Fairfield Halls in Croydon this Friday 9th if you don't mind a quick (?) trip round the M25.
  2. Hi Guys Just wanted to say a big thank you to the forum members who post old gig photographs - especially DavidZoso and JimmyPageZoso56. A little while ago I asked for help to make a black dragon suit for my husband's band, and thanks to the great pictures here I managed to get it finished just before their first big theatre gig, as well as a sparkly t-shirt for the drummer. Anyway, thought I should come back and say thanks/show you what I made. Here is a youtube clip of them doing Black Dog at a recent gig: I think they're rocking, but then I am married to one of them! But if anyone else happens to be interested, there is more footage at www.hatsofftoledzeppelin.co.uk Thanks again for your help - knowing my luck I'll be back again soon looking at White Poppy Suit pics. Will have a little rest first though! Hx
  3. Oh wow that is absolutely brilliant and really clear - thank you SO much! I was replying to your last post just as you were posting the pic. I'll come back and show you what I managed to come up with when its finished, although looking at all that embroidery it might be a while... LOL!
  4. That Mr Jimmy has a brilliant costume - thanks for the link. At least I know it can be done... but I think I will need all the luck I can get to make it look that good!
  5. Wow, what a brilliant, well researched, post - just what I came here looking for in fact so thank you very much! My husband has asked me to make a black dragon suit for the Jimmy Page in his tribute band. The only thing I don't know now is what the back looks like - I don't suppose anyone knows where I can find a colour picture of Jimmy's back in the black suit? The Theramin solo one you have posted is the best I have found so far, but I'd really like to make it as accurate as possible rather than guess the bits I can't see - as I just know that everyone in the audience will be ready to spot the bits that aren't right! Can anyone help me? I don't mind if you don't know the source gig of the pictures, I just need to know what the trousers (pants??) and jacket look like!
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