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  1. Something old... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnFSaqFzSO8 and something newer... Sure I'll listen to old and new.
  2. No real order. My ten favorites at the moment. I mostly stick with the old stuff. The Ocean Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Stairway To Heaven The Rain Song Dazed and Confused Whole Lotta Love The Song Remains The Same The Battle of Evermore No Quarter Achilles' Last Stand Honestly I haven't heard much other than The Best of, Zeppelin II and Houses of The Holy.
  3. Led Zeppelin IV That's the name and that's what it is. It's weird though, I call Led Zeppelin V "Houses of The Holy." Same with anything else in the "latter days."
  4. I can't really decide on that one. Zep did play with Jason and it was good from what I hear. I haven't seen Zeppelin in concert but only the tribute band, Zoso. It must've been a shame that a member had found Bonham dead. (John Paul Jones) Zeppelin may be dead in reality but inside of us, the good spirit of Zeppelin is flowing through our bodies at this very moment. Zeppelin won't be truly dead until we feel no care for them (Which I doubt will ever happen). It's likely people my age will pass Zeppelin on to their children (for those who know them). Bonzo would've wanted them to continue if
  5. I didn't vote. I love them all. But it's a tie between Stairway and Levee.
  6. PepsiCola


    Actually, the three of us go to school together and more classmates know Led Zeppelin than we thought. Around fifteen guys or so, and one girl which is friends with all of us. I might convice the rest of my "band" to join here themselves.
  7. I think people 46+ years old will know Led Zeppelin the best and probably be a long-time fan. My parents' high school years were huge on Led Zeppelin. That's for the average fan I guess. But anyone can be a Zeppelin fan. I'm a teenager and I've been listening to Zeppelin for the past year or so.
  8. Observation is a vitali key to learning. Welcome to the Led Zeppelin forum and have a great time. I'm a recent arrival myself.
  9. Nothing happened to music. It's just your opinion on them. Some of the new stuff is fine. I don't listen to them all that much but it's not bad. It's actually decent. I'm all about all types of Rock n Roll, old and new. I listen to Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones while I also listen to Nickelback, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think people have a problem with the lyrics for rap music. As for Pop, a good fraction of us probably listen to that. Even the new stuff, assumed to be "crappy" by some people. I can agree with the above two posts completely.
  10. PepsiCola


    The name is PepsiCola. I am a fan of Led Zeppelin as most of us are and I've been playing the drums for a few years now. In fact, me and some friends played Stairway To Heaven for Open Mics and such. I can say we were fabulous, let aside the fact we got standing ovation. To be honest, I'm only a teenager and personally, we all agree that we'd actually make a great band in the future. It's not often you find youthful people listening to old rock like Led Zeppelin. I hope to have a great time here, I don't mind that you guys are most likely older since this may be a place for Zeppelin veteran
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