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  1. Who is he, really? I never frikkin heard of him. Sighhhh I guess I gotta look him up.
  2. IMHO new material by page,jones, and jason with a new singer would be AWESOME. It wouldn't be Led Zeppelin, though. I think Robert is being led by his penis by alison...not that I blame him. She's hot. Sigggghhhhhhh...c'mon Robert!
  3. I would love to see them play "burning down one side" or "far post"
  4. i naMED my teddy bear "clarence" (after my tapeworm, of course) and the mailman wants to behead me now, teh suxx0r for me
  5. i didnt like it either, sounded a bit like a laxative commercial's soundtrack
  6. I wouldn't care who else played, hell, an OOMPAH or polka band, as long as ZEPPELIN did too!
  7. thanks!~ did u see the new rolling stone magazine? wooooot!
  8. you hit the nail on the head. i don't think they look bad, i am just wistful....perhaps even of my own lost youth, lol! oh, seriously, they look awesome for their age...but dammit i AM wistful of when they were in their prime in the early 70's (oh hell, don't slag me for THAT statement either, I think they were in their prime their whole career!) u know, the young rockstar look... i seem to have opened a can of worms here! ha ha ha ha ha
  9. scambaiting is addicting as hell. the video on the main page, a spoof on "we are the world" is something a bunch of us from several different countries contributed to, we submitted vocals thru teh internets, it was a blast. i am dr hugh g rection on the site
  10. ...to see how, um, old they are looking. Then again, they probably have more energy than me, and hell, at least they are still ROCKING! I hope when I get their age I have their get up and go....
  11. the funniest way to fight them is at www.thescambaiter.com i larfed my arse off
  12. oh wow what a great pic! is that jason with them?
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