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  1. Up to this point Page has offered up nothing to manage. No album. No tour. Nothing other than his apparent retirement. Which is fine.
  2. This latest development along with years of empty rhetoric and zero recorded output of any new music shows me that Page's career as a live performer and recording artist has reached it's coda. The prospect of an apology regarding him bailing on the award show is extremely unlikely imo.
  3. Unless it's Zep related he's retired. Content to live in his own shadow and maintain a website that does little except post past glories. Nothing new to offer unless it's another remastering of the Zep catalog. He can do what he wants.
  4. As I stated earlier. Prepare to be underwhelmed. This does not surprise me at all.
  5. As a regular performing solo artist/ entity Page is done. Retired. Too many years of zero recorded output and empty rhetoric supports this. (Unless Plant changes his mind. Unlikely.) As the custodian of all things Zeppelin he will continue in that role for as long as he's physically and mentally able to do so. Just my opinion. Looking forward to see what happens in November.
  6. I hope you're right.., All of the fans have been hoping for something for a long time now. Cheers!
  7. Prepare to be underwhelmed if Page does perform. Whatever happens will most likely be an all star jam of sorts similar to all those at the RRHOF. IMO those things are chaotic and pointless. Painful to hear and watch. I would love to see Page play live again but methinks he's retired. Good for him. His contribution to rock n roll is assured.
  8. Now that JP's website has been up for one year it looks as though they're recycling previous "on this day" postings from the past year. Disappointing to say the least. Recycle seems to be the theme from the Page camp. Nothing new.
  9. Why bother with Page's website? The "On this day" feature is just old stuff. You can get all the up to date Page / Zep news on this forum.
  10. Right on. It will be interesting to see what happens from here.
  11. I'm suprised that Page does not own the masters considering the vice grip he has on all things Zeppelin. Interesting.
  12. There must be some doubt about new material selling HUGE in the Page camp. After all this time it doesn't seem to me that new material is in the works. I'd love to hear some new music. I'm with you on that.
  13. I think Page would have been FAR better off to re-issue "Outrider" or "Coverdale Page" with unreleased tracks, new packaging, and signatures. I'm certain that either one of those would sell HUGE compared to the DW2 soundtrack. Perhaps thats already in the works?
  14. Has anyone seen the film? Not very good IMO. It was crap. Page's soundtrack isn't very good either IMO. ( Although I recognize that it helped him to get back into music after Zep.) I can't see many copies being sold.
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