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  1. Hey everybody been a long time since (not going to say it lol) I've been here. Just wanna say hello to everybody again. The name's Shane from Ireland and in the almighty words of Otto from The Simpsons "Zeppelin Rule!!!!"
  2. hey guys new to zep.com just doing some searching and posting the next gig i`ll be attending will be Kasabian in dublin on the 26 of november 2011 at the o2 I`ve seen them once before the last time they played the o2 in 2009 and i have to say they were amazing so i`m really looking forward to gig. And then 6 days after that i`m going to see The Darkness in the Olympia Theatre another band i`ve had the pleasure of seeing live and another band i can`t wait to see again
  3. Hey There The names Shane and as you probably guessed from the title i`m from Ireland I`m 26 and I`m like the rest of you guys I LOVE ZEPPELIN!!!!! been listening to them for about 9 years now I`m new to Led Zeppelin.com and decided to join in the hope of meeting more like minded people i.e Zep fanatics So if there`s any thing you think i might find interest (Bootlegs rare songs etc) drop me a line Hey Hey What Can I Do
  4. Greetings one and all.. I`m a new member to Led Zeppelin.com and i was browsing the topics and saw this post and had to reply. My younger brother David (7yrs) has Asperger's Syndrome so this thread caught my eye immediately He and my Sister are music nuts,,they`ll dance around to almost anything but i`ve been playin Zeppelin to them alot more and they dig it which always puts a smile on my face As i said i`m a new member having joined about 15 minutes ago,,i`ve been listening to Zeppelin for about 9 years now and am listening to the Royal Albert Hall bootleg as i write this... Anyway i shall take my leave and do some more exploring of the forum and maybe leave some more posts or start a topic or thread,,,, Slán
  5. Led Zeppelin Of Course

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