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  1. Just wanted to add that the rest of the band looked cool as hell too. Robert looked in even better shape than he did when I saw him with the Strange Sensation in Vegas and Virginia in '05, as long and cool as ever, and I loved loved loved his leather trousers. And Jonesy had the exact same sweet, slightly trippy smile he had back in the day. Jason...well he's still a baby, but it's great to see so much of his dad in him.

    In short...Zeppelin: born cool, cool throughout this life, and cool in all worlds to come.

  2. Having his sleeves rolled up and the tails pulled out make him looks really unkept, like a senior citizen who is no longer able to properly dress himself. If he at least wore the black shirt with the dragon embroidery he'd have maintained some 'hipness'. If you don't get the same visceral reaction from the picture then you aren't being objective. I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but this is basically the equivalent of the picture of Michael Jackson with the prosthetic nose on the witness stand, only it happened in front of 20,000 people. I would expect on the DVD that they either cut away from him at that moment or put some kind of sillhouette filter on him.

    Oh, yeah. Just what we all want to see Jimmy wearing, an old dragon suit! Sort of like Elvis in his final years? So Jimmy's shirt came untucked while he was rocking the roof off the O2...WTF?? He still looked perfectly hip and as cool as ever! The cut of his jacket and trousers certainly didn't look senior citizen to me. I don't think you have much of a fashion sense.

    And as for "visceral reaction". . .Jimmy always gives me a visceral reaction!

  3. Interesting how Dick Hume tries to use his wife to impugn Zep's masculinity. He seems to be suffering some degree of anxiety about "cock rock" and all its "panting" fans. Hmmmmmm. :rolleyes:

    Did his opinion piece run in the Times print version or simply in its on-line version? My read? He's nothing more than a well-paid troll.

  4. let's not forget how this whole led zeppelin thing started in the first place....Jimmy was an ambitious guitarist that wanted to put a new group together

    Led Zeppelin was born because of an electric guitar (although a telecaster at that time)

    somehow Jimmy kissing his guitar is the ultimate tribute....

    and what would zeppelin have been without the les paul anyways....

    ok, I think I'm getting loopy****

    Did he actually kiss his guitar after the concert? I didn't see that. . .how sweet! :wub:

  5. I just saw the start of BBC news on PBS and they're going to show clips from the show. It just started, 11:00 PM, probably be one of the last things they show so go watch!

    Just saw the rebroadcast. A clip of the first bedragglled but ecstatic-looking fans walking in the doors with huge smiles on their faces, followed by a few measly seconds of "Black Dog," over which the stupid reporter talked nonstop. Give them credit, though. BBC America is the only network in the US that's covered the story at all. Hey, worthless bloviating American newscasters! Why don't you try covering the entertainment news story of the freaking year?!?!

    I imagine we'll get nonstop footage tomorrow of Paris Hilton and her dog arriving at the show.

  6. I was overcome with emotion listening, swear to gawd, I was crying....

    It is like reuniting with something you love so much.

    At least my daughter understood, as I sat here in front of the puter balling my eyes out.

    She was all nice, brought me coffee, and hugged me, and said "I understand Mom." :wub:

    I felt like a total idiot.


    I'm in the same shape, Hotplant! :console: I was crying on and off all day, in between dancing around the house to every Zeppelin song they played on the radio like some sort of manic-depressive! And no daughter to bring me coffee!

    I'd better skip the caffeine anyway or I'll be a wide-awake, up-all-night, giddy, singing, dancing drunk out in the streets driving all my neighbors crazy! :P

  7. STH anyone?

    The juxtaposed "Then" and "Now" shots are great! If they'd had a mirror into the future, I think the "Then" lads would be pleased and bemused with how the "Now" lads sound!

    Incredible! And I agree: I've not heard a band in the past two decades with the driving depth of sound that can be heard in even the worst of the uploaded clips.

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