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  1. Silly question. I would invite you to park your arse by the stereo, listen to these bands and ask yourself "why did I pose that silly question".
  2. How thick is your wallet? I would start with finding all the vinyl you can get your hands on. After all that's where and when it really happened. Glad to hear you are out of the hospital. Get well soon !
  3. I was at the 77 show in Seattle. Could anyone possibly enlighten me (pm) as to how I could find the complete show and view it. I am not too computer savvy and would really appreciate it. Imagine stepping back 32 plus years! Thank you if you can help.
  4. Without his guitar skills, nothing else really would matter or be known like it is.Mho.
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    Great observation and well said !
  6. mobydick


    I post this for others knowledge and not for Ev's benefit . The above statements are about the worst thing you could possibly say to a person suffering , and I mean suffering , from depression . I 'm sure you meant well but if you ever have a loved one in a sad state these are the wrong suggestions to make . Unless you have been there you cannot understand the condition and it's effects . I can assure you , people who have made it their lifes work to know and heal depression would not make light of the situation in any way . I know , I've been there and back . As I said I know you meant to be bright and positive but unfortunately it doesn't work that way . Wish it was that easy .
  7. mobydick


    I do not claim to be a professional in this subject but would like to offer my thoughts . Firstly , know that this dark time will pass , without a doubt . You have come too far in life to be forever consumed by your low mood . Also , do not pay attention to ANYONE who suggests you "snap out of it " or "pull yourself together " . This is not possible if you truly are feeling the effects of depression . Time will help you to heal . You should know that depression is extremely common . More people than you imagine are on medication and that is not a negative thing . You really should find someone you trust and who's intelligence you respect and ask to open up to them . Chances are they will re-assure you and suggest some paths towards help . Many of history's brightest and most accomplished people anguished with depression at one point or another . Sir Winston Churchill comes to mind , Einstein too struggled with it . Every struggle we encounter in live is for a reason and only serves to make us stronger , it may take quite some time but you will emerge stronger than before . You have a purpose here and I don't think it has been accomplished yet . Don't measure yourself by what you have done but by what you will do , even if it's not going to be now . Please remember that many people in your life , whether they be near or far , truly care about your well being and think none the less of you no matter what your circumstances . Before long you will think back remembering your mood and feel so good that you experienced it and came through a better man . As our friends said " Flee from me keepers of the gloom ". This will pass and until it does please get some assurance from an MD . Lastly , you should know that you have brought alot of joy to me on this site although I don't post often . I used to grin everytime I saw that picture of you chugging a beer . I would say to myself "He looks like a good man , wish I knew him personally ." Do what you need to do my friend . We'll all be here waiting to see you smile again .
  8. Just got in from Frank and Edna Boils Prairie Warehouse Emporium , bought myself a budgie . Now heading out to Johnny La Rues 3D House of Beef for dinner . Thanks for posting that . Those guys were the best . I still remember where I was and what I was doing the day John Candy died . RIP.
  9. 47 years young Introduced to Zeppelin in 71 Saw the July 17 , 77 show . Page and Plant twice Got all the vinyl No one ever could or ever will hold a candle to these guys !
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