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  1. I think it's safe to say that every performance Bonham ever gave was so powerful, and reached a new level of drumming, which no drummer has ever or will ever be able to imitate.
  2. How come Dazed and Confused isn't an option? Or Night Flight? Probably two of the funnest to play.
  3. Deep Purple man. Ian Paice is a fantastic drummer.
  4. 1. JPJ 2. Geezer BUtler 3. Billy Cox 4. John Entwistle 5. Rick Danko 6. Paul McCartney 7. Phil Lesh 8. Geddy Lee Had to put 8.
  5. The bonus tracks on Coda always take me to a different place. Mainly cause I just recently found out I was missing them and when I got them....Oh man, it was like listening to Zeppelin for the first time all over again.
  6. McSeven, on 08 February 2010 - 03:33 AM, said: Okay. I have the time to do my comparison of Hendrix and Zeppelin. Vocals. Hendrix has a baritone soulful voice. Playful and he stays within his range. He can also make it sound high in a falsetto voice as well. Robert Plant has a banshee like voice. Playful with soul. Robert is a little bit more bolder in his voice. Robert also likes to slip out of the chorus verse structure of his songs. Guitar. Hendrix has dynamic riff quality to his songs. He has a his signature style. To me Hendrix likes to slip out of his riffs. Jimmy Page has great range and likes to keep close to riffs. So his style is Riff solo Riff. I think that Jimmy assimilated a lot of styles to his playing. Both Hendrix and Page are on par with each other. Although I think that Hendrix could strectch his solos out a bit more than Page. Bass. JPJones plays great funky base with soul. Billy Cox is great as well and seems to follow Hendrix well. He does not really go crazy. Mitch Mitchell is great and does not try to dominate. Drums. Bonzo is a drum god and is more on the level of Hendrix on the drums. Billy Cox is great as well and he can really play well with Hendrix. Cox has great funky sensibilities to add to Jimi's Band of Gypsies. Noel Redding kept a beat and was basically like a Straight mans Keith Moon. Redding can play fast and keep the beat, but did not have the flavor of Bonzo and Cox. Both band are even in my book. Zeppelin got to explore music longer than Hendrix. I believe that both are influencial. I would say that Hendrix is more popular by half a notch than Zep world wide. Mc7 I really thought your comment had a nice deep comparison. Just a few things. Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell are switched. Buddy Miles was the drummer for Hendrix in the Band of Gypsies. Now when it comes down to bass, Jones, Redding, and Cox all had unbelievable range. They could each go off and do their own thing in there own unique fashion. However I would choose Jones in that scenario for his soul filled keyboards and synth alone. Now when it comes down to the drums, I am one of the biggest John Bonham fans (He's my number one for sure), but Mitch Mitchell will always be in my top five. However I just can't seem to compare them or any of my favourite drummers because of the different styles and their own original techniques. But when you said Mitchell kept a beat and was a straight mans Keith Moon, boy are you off. Mitchell was a mastermind behind the kit. He was exciting, his chops were amazing, and man could he play those drums. Just watch the Woodstock performance. Now back to the topic. All the musicians from Zeppelin, the Hendrix Experience, and the Band of Gypsies were incredible. I mean they had to be just because of the sheer talent of those they were playing with. I will always love both Jimi and Zeppelin equally. And the best part is, since they're both on my iPod, I never have to choose one or the other. Ramble on my friends.
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