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  1. We first came to you talking about the ¨Hey Jude¨ of Joseph Ferrante. This time we want to draw your attention to another two songs of Joseph Ferrante. One is called ¨Here comes a brand new day¨ and the other is called ¨Alone again¨ ¨Here comes a brand new day¨ is made in a Classic Rock fashion, with the same fast guitar of Joseph Ferrante, but this time on an electric guitar. ¨Alone again¨ is a ballad full of floating guitars. A delicate piece. They used to be a 60 seconds preview. Now we made them full for you (same as Hey Jude) You can listen to them going to: http://ferrrantemus
  2. (Joseph Ferrante, piano tuner of George Harrison) This treatment of the song has been completely changed rhythmically and harmonically to obtain a very different song which hardly keeps any resemblance to the original one. Only the lyrics and the singing melody remain untouched. The rest is another song altogether. The piece has been practically recomposed. In other words, another song was composed where the singing melody of the original song would perfectly fit. An ethereal choir lays the carpet upon which the rest of the arrangements would rest. A mixture of classical scales, indi
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