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  1. paul should go sing for led zeppelin and let plant sing his blue grass career
  2. sorry i didnt get to watch the movie i was in the second row at the o2 that nite what a show
  3. your right there is no tour in the works it was a one off like plant said just to sell more records catalogw song remaina the same movie ringtones and a bunch of other crap like mothership they making millions why tour
  4. please let them be even if bonzo was alive we still be begging for a tour
  5. my ulti mate led zep concert would be immigrant song communication breakdown ramble on black dog in the evening no quarter song remains the same since ive been loving you stairway to heaven gallows pole going to california dazed and confused ten years gone moby dick kasmir bring it on home encore rock and roll achilles last stand 2 encore heartbreaker whole lotta love the ocean
  6. moby dick live 2 bring it on home live 3stairway to heaven 4 celebration day live 5 in the evening 6 kasmir 7 whole lotta love 8 the ocean 9 walters walk 10 going to california
  7. its all baloney the festival making it up so people go there
  8. no tour for at least 18 months plant got other commitments so if u went to o2 like i did thats it im glad i went
  9. 1heartbreaker 2thank you 3ten years gone 4all my love 5 going to california
  10. i had enough of led zeppelin the more they sell the less they tour thats how they work when they stop talking about zep they hit us with greatest hits album and tease us they been doing it for years enough is enough we need something new and a tour they are still great together
  11. whoever wrote this is out of hi fucking mind i went and was in the 3 row and it sounded amazin yes they were a little rusty by the third song they worked it out warmed it up and sounded great hey sure there wasnt no 30 minute solos but this is like a new band with a lot of energy of the old band everybody ages even wine things get better with age was worth the 7 hour flights and one more thing wasnt these writers on strike this guy is nuts
  12. if my cockinyourmouth train gets stuck would the other cumbrian take 02 loads
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