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  1. I think why some fans don't love it as much is that it was the last one recorded with the band together and it was not the usual Led Zeppelin hard rock music. Fans just didn't like that that was the way the group ended musically in that synth vaguely disco style. Jimmy said in an interview he intended to go back to basics with the rock sound for the next album but John Bonham suddenly died. If ITTOD had not been their final one I think people would like it more.
  2. Now I'll admit In Through the Out Door was always my least played of all the Zep albums I own. I even play CODA more than ITTOD! like some of the songs like especially Fool In the Rain, but I usually listen to it and the others from that album when I put on CD 4 from the box set. It wasn't until I heard Carouselambra after not hearing it for years on the radio that I really I've been playing the CD over and over. I now appreciate it John Paul Jones synth work on this album. The sound on "Carouselambra" and "In the Evening" was as good as any New Wave at the time and predated Van Halen's "Jump" , Robert's grief and heartbreak in "All My Love" and Southbound Suarez is just plain FUN!
  3. I love the live version of "Thank You", the last performance on the BBC Sessions! Jimmys' electric guitar solo as opposed to the record version's acoustic in this one is awesome as of course was John Paul Jones' keyboard playing!
  4. I thought Jason did his old man proud at O2 especially with his drumming during the performance of "Kashmir". He really kicked ass on that one!
  5. I didn't like the song "Trampled Underfoot" until I heard the live version from the 1975 Earls Court concert on the DVD! I never really cared for it when I first heard it off the "Physical Graffiti" album. Then I saw it on the DVD and was blown away! What puts it miles above the record version IMO is the jam in the middle. It's possibly the best thing I've EVER heard! And somehow the first minute of the jam always sound a little different every time I hear it!
  6. I don't think Plant's vocals are thatt strained on the TSRTS version. The main difference I hear when I compare it to other versions of OTHAFA is that this one is slower than usual. The record and the "How The West Was Won" performance is at a faster speed. On the TSRTS one, Plant takes his time singing the verses, which I actually prefer. I like that he and the band aren't barreling through the song.
  7. I always liked OTHAFA but the version that's on The Song Remains The Same Disc two kicks ass! The performance of it from NYC '73 is amazing and I can't believe it was cut from both the movie and the original soundtrack! It just sounds better IMO than the record and even the version on the "How the West Was Won" live album. The jam at the middle with Jimmy's guitar solo seems more in sync with John Paul Jones' killer bass line. The best part of all is the drum roll bit that Bonham does around the three and a half minutes. I keep replaying it over and over when I watch the video! That creativity is one of the reasons he was one of the best drummers who walked the earth.
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