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  1. can't wait for the proper remaster by beelz..the right brickwalling..sorry mr Nutrocker
  2. to me Godfather label is just CRAP sound..just good packaging.
  3. i really don't know much about Beez label...what i know is they have released the BEST version so far of the 5/30/77 AUD tape....so it's a shame EV did such horrible patch in NQ...and yes i do hope Beez will do their version of the New Sbd which i guess will shine over Ev.........
  4. check out the beezbub remaster version of the 5/30/77 show if you want to hear how good was the dealing with the distorted "The Song Remains The Same"..
  5. Anyone notice niwa website down ?http://www002.upp.so...raid/light.html what's up?
  6. No sir, you've got a right copy since the Beelz does feature the5th aud source which of course has the cut on BYA. To my knowledge there is a mediocre fan release which mix the 5th source and so BYA it's complete.Lol
  7. the Audio used on The Work in Progress DVD comes from "Storm London" by Beelzebub Label,reported to be be the Best of the lot so far ( you can count 15 more different audience sources out there of inferior quality.
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