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  1. And I by last album I meant last album were Jimmy, Plant, JPJ, and Bonzo were involved, not including Mothership, BBC sessions, or How the West Was Won
  2. 1. How Many More Times 2. Bring it on Home 3. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 4. In My Time of Dying 5. Celebration Day
  3. I am curious to see what people would think what would Led Zeppelin sound like in the 80's if John Bonham had never died? It seemed like their last album was starting to take them in a different direction on what their songs sounded like such as Carouselambra. With the exception of Coda, if Led Zeppelin released an album after In Through the Out Door, would it sound like a completely different Led Zeppelin from the 70's or would the Gods of rock keep to their original sound with Page's heavy riffs and Bonham's thunderous drumming?
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