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  1. I found a exxelent pic of Robert from that show i will post it here ; never have seen it yet in this forum.....BTW Heartbreaker _Girl I have that People magazine hanging on my studio wall, Robert signed it for me at a pub outside Kidderminster in 1979 regards.......Zap!
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    I have a signed original cover of that people mag cover....think it's worth anything? Zap!
  3. IMHO...there is no way an event like this should of had ANY sound issues! there was enough time and money to have this flawlessly arranged; with all error-proofing inplace. It was a disapointment to here the feedback, they had back-up band for what reason? maybe the sound guys were from the same era (the 70's) and have since partied too much! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SOUND ISSUES THESE DAYS! Zap!
  4. Bonzoghost; THANK MAN! You've made my day........... Zap!
  5. Hiya Bonzoghost! are you the same guy who post's on Cakewalk's Sonar Forum??? I guess that is not as improtant as you having BENJI's E-MAIL!!!! BTW I have been searching for a Benji contact point for some time; even before this event. Background; I met the boys while backpacking in England, we ended up at a pub; I bought the first round and the rest is history....My life's biggest regret is that Bonzo lived a couple miles away, and he being my inspiration for a lifetime of music and playing the drums I desperately wanted to go and visit him but Robert & Benji suggested otherwise...
  6. bump! i met benji and robert a few years back and they both told me to get in touch at ANY show; what would you suggest i do???????????????????????????????????
  7. desperatly attempting to contact Benji....thanks in advance for any help..... Zap!
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