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  1. Oh, everyones just havin a little fun...its what I like about this place! The monkey clapper thing was funny as hell! Gotta get back to work...lighten up.
  2. Iwant to hear and have forever a new Zep album. I want the old stuff, I want the new stuff, and I want to see a mix of both!
  3. Hope you enjoy it, it's different than my usual classic rock but the musicians are so talented and the energy is so high I just love them!
  4. Went up to Denver last Sat. night to see the Gypsy Kings; they were awesome! Very exciting show, lots of great guitar. If you get the chance, check them out.
  5. I like my ouija board; it can be a bit difficult to use, but there is a friendly voice who talks to me a bit on it. I believe it's a path that can be used to communicate with those close to you. I like my spirit friends.
  6. 1. How long have you been listening to Led Zeppelin? About 30 years 2. What would you say is your favourite album of theirs? Mmm, LZ III 3. Your favourite song(s)? Kashmir, Thankyou, and The Immigrant song have always had the ability to stop me in my tracks. Whole lotta love is awesome, love Gallows Pole and Bron y aur Stomp, Celebration Day and the Lemon Song have amazing leads, guess I could go on and on 4. In terms of design, what would you say is their most powerful album sleeve? LZIV 5. What colours or colour schemes would you generally associate with the band? D
  7. I want to hear this new music...they don't have to tour. Jimmy seems to do most of the studio work anyway. I wont understand if it doesnt get done. We all have to work.
  8. In my new issue of GW, I received another beautiful picture of Jimmy Page. The other guys looked great, they really did. But what I have to say about JP in slanglish is this, THAT man lookted goood!
  9. Better it's heard than just laying around.
  10. Really, that's a great idea, I don't have all that material. To have it all in one set would be great.
  11. Awesome! I want it! Don't forget the guitar tab book
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