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  1. Some interesting points have been made here...it's true that we may not need the "whole story", but coming from a music-history standpoint it's understandable that a written "screen shot" of 70's and 80's rock from the point of view of Zepp's surviving members would be interesting to have. Kind of like The Dirt for Motley Crue. But those guys don't exactly have concern for their reputations regarding the gnarly stuff they did in the 80's, they play to it.
  2. Hi there, just joined the forum to ask this question...have there been any biographies written about Zep that the various members HAVEN'T vehemontly objected to? I recently lost all of my music so I've been re-accumulating my Zeppelin collection, and in the process I've noticed that it seems every biography that was ever written was met with "Well I've never read it because it would piss me off, but it's wrong!" When Giants Walked the Earth (Mick Wall): "Wall’s just writing a book designed to cash in on something he didn’t have anything to do with. He wasn’t a creative force in Led Zep.
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