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  1. Earplugs are advised.

    Haha. Good one.

    I wish Roddick all the best post-Tennis.

    I'm super dissapointed by Federer's loss to Berdych. While Berdych played well, Federer should've done a lot better.

  2. In light of other things going on in the world it may not mean much, but yes, I am gutted by the early exit of Kim Clijsters from the U.S. Open and her retirement from Tennis. She was always class and fun to watch and now I feel bereft. All of a sudden I have no one on the women's tour to root for.

    Maria and the grunters? No thanks.

    I feel exactly the same way.

    I wish both Roddick and Clijsters all the best post-tennis.

    I'm also dissapointed by Tsonga's early exit.

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