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  1. Nobody has mentioned that Jimmy Page is listed as co writing Please Read The Letter - which is my personal favourite off the album
  2. Cheers pilot. i knew I could get a solild response from Yorkshire ( I was born in Horsforth) just bought mine from the same website. Not the same one though don't want to be a numpty
  3. We could pick each other out ot the crowd if we had forum shirts - It's probably to late to get organised but maybe individually we could get a simple black t shirt or other garment put Led Zep 02-07 with your forum name below - local t-shirt shops could do this at relatively low cost - what do you think?
  4. I wonder what the policy on mobile phones will be? As with most phones now they double up as cameras and can record video - I don't want mine to get whipped away as we all walk throught the door - and can they even do that? although I don't think my camera will zoom from where my seats are!
  5. Happy Birthday! neveroffside - getting to see Led Zep before your 40 - result! I am 37 and my Brother is 35
  6. My Brother is on that flight - shout out ''Martin want a beer'' and see what happens
  7. Ill be there with my brother - both of us hard Led Zeppelin fans for the past 20 years - still feels surreal - condolences to all those who can't be there - A bit of info for those who don't know London. 02 arena on the south end of London previously called the Millenium dome - transport is easy although it looks daunting - be prepared to bring extra pennies as premier cities aren't cheap although good deals on hotels to be had with a little effort - have found in the past that better rates are acheived spending on credit card than with cash - - I live outside of London so I may be able to help with some info. drop me an email
  8. GJD

    Oh CANADA!

    I am a Canadian living in the UK - I have been here for 14 years - I get back to Toronto every couple of years. My Zeppelin tickets are coming with my brother who is flying in for the event. For gas I last paid £1.06/litre which equates to $2.33/litre
  9. I live here in the UK. My brother is flying in from Toronto on 08/12. staying in London Sunday at the Ramada Hotel - Close to the 02 - were up for the party and few drinks with fellow golden ticket holders!
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