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  1. Seeing as Jones is my favorite bassist of all time, obviously, it's JPJ. It probably helps that I'm a a bassist myself. If I were a guitarist, on the other hand, I'd probably like Lee better. 'Cuz, like everyone else said Geddy Lee plays the bass like it's the lead instrument, which, in Rush's music, it definitely is. Lifeson is the rhythm section. Lol. That being said, it's not to say that Jones isn't as talented. Some of his stuff is really complex and amazing, as someone above me said...The Lemon Song is an obvious example. But he has some other amazing stuff if you listen close enough.
  2. Absolutely In my Time of Dying. Not only is it amazing, but its also about dying. Lol. Imagine that. Also: funeral song! Heh.
  3. Of course, Achilles wins...but Nobody's Fault is fun.
  4. Out of the one's listed. Over the Hills, then No Quarter... I'm partial always been partial to Over the Hills...
  5. Down by the Seaside, In the Light, Hey Hey What Can I Do? There are plenty more...but those immediately come to mind.
  6. You're Time is Gonna Come. That organ...just wow.
  7. Yes sir. Agreed. Since is the best on the album, but Gallows Pole is phenomenal as well.
  8. I think Over the Hills and Far away exemplifies Zeppelin the most. I dunno...it just does it for me. The problem I had when I was a teenager is I only had heard their hits, which don't get me wrong, are all great, but I didn't even know some of their other stuff existed till I hit my 20s. Everyone's heard Rock and Roll, Black Dog, Stairway, if you really want to get someone hooked on them you're gonna have to get them to listen to their unique stuff. OTHAFA, Down by the Seaside, In My Time, Song Remains the Same. And then I'd say Bring it On Home, because you gotta see what they can do with th
  9. Oh my go this song is so underrated...but its amazing. But I'd say: 1. In My Time of Dying 2. Down by the Seaside 3. In the Light (also ridiculously underrated...) ...the rest are all great too...seriosuly. Physical Grafitti is 2nd only to LZ II.
  10. First off, pretty much every Zep song has a pretty killer bass part. I'd have to go with Lemon, because you really can't beat it. Of course, Ramble On is classic, D&C is excellent, and then you've got some others that you wouldn't expect. In My Time of Dying live has some pretty killer bass, the fills keep changing, its crazy. Gallows Pole has some sweet bass going on, too. And Heartbreaker is so simple, but completely genius, especially the slidey parts. Bring it On Home gets crazy after about a minute, and Travelling Riverside Blues has some pretty sweet stuff. Sooo many great basslin
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