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  1. What is Plant still whinging about Zeppelin fans? I haven't been following his current goings on.

    The Krauss collaboration is a total snore.

    It's just a load of cover tunes most of which have been done better by other artists.

    Of course he's entitled to do whatever he wants & I'm entitled to find it boring. He's not a bloody god.

    I'm off to see Van Morrison. Now there is a singer worth who has endured very well!

    Perhaps Plant can't come up with new original tunes anymore.

  2. (

    I sat at my desk, picked my nose and followed the events on this forum.

    The end.

    :lol: Ha Ha That's very similar to what I was thinking.

    Entered ballot

    Never heard anything.

    Looked on ebay-couldn't afford it.

    Tried all the contests. Nothing.

    Read reviews in papers the day after. :coffee:

    lotsa fun.

    I did recieve emails from the Ertegun website trying to flog me a copy of the Plant/Krauss thing & the concert program though. :computertrash:

  3. Yeah, well Im of English blood but an American. So what does that mean? Nothing. The United States embraced them while the Brits were buying that punk garbage or whatever else back then. I am not putting down England at all, Im just saying that I hope they remember us. That we did in fact embrace them and buy their records and our troups even blasted Whole Lotta Love on their tanks as they rode into battle against Viet Nam! So it is unfair of the UK to claim them as "theirs" so to speak. Iim sure they have a place in theiir hearts for America. After all he does mention San Fran and Chicago and ther is "Going to California"!!

    Sorry, but they are ALL English mate.

    of course they are "ours"

    Really I think it would be great if Zep did a round of shows in America but not before the English, British & mainland European audiences get a better chance.

    So many of those O2 tickets were sold to American fans it that it might as well have been over there


  4. ;)

    There's another problem with the numbers. I went to the O2 show and all it did is make me want to see them again and again and again. How ever many shows they play, they won't ever even begin to reduce the backlog of people that want to see them!

    So, er, better get started soon lads. :unsure:

    The only fair thing would be to start with the original ballot list and strike through EVERYONE who got tickets to the 02 gig. Start picking out names of people who didn't get chosen before.

  5. this may sound naive but what if there just is no info to be had at the moment? I agree, there is a sort of info vacuum post-o2 and unfortunately it just gets filled by rumours,assertions and speculation,some of which some of us are all too willing to believe. a simple official statement along the lines of"no decisions regarding touring and/or recording have been taken yet"would do,wouldn't it? "nothing to say" is slightly different to "saying nothing",after all.

    I agree here.

    When you click on the "news" page the latest story is STILL about the Rolling Stone cover.

    This is old news by now. (and not the only magazine in the world either)

    IMO this site is lacking alot. Electric Magic was much better in many ways.

    It's supposed to be the same bloke from electric magic doing it right?

    But since it has become official it's kind of, well, crap really.


  6. Robert did just that in the November edition of Uncut. He said the O2 show was a one-off and no matter how much he enjoyed it he wouldn't be tempted to tour. No matter what he says it'll soon be disregarded by those believing all this hype.

    Nothing Robert says is ever set in stone.

    He will say one thing one day & the complete opposite the next.

    He's also one of the the world's biggest wind up merchants.

  7. I dress 70's because that's what I like best well, 60's & 70's.

    I can't stand 80's fashion I'm not looking forward to that coming back again as it will no doubt.

    Sometimes I panic buy flared & bootcut jeans because I'm afraid they will soon become unavailable

    again like happened in the 80's. I have a nice stockpile. :hippy:

  8. I prefer box offices. Bring 'em back for the tour. Only the diehards will be willing to queue all night rain, snow or hail. Maximum 2 tickets each.


    & that is the ONLY way to beat touts.

    you queue up on the day of the gig- you buy tickets- you go in- you watch the show.

    Thats it. Simple. Once you go in you can't come out. If you do, you aren't allowed back in.

    That way no one has a chance to sell tickets on.

    No need for any complicated "ballots & wristbands" crap.

  9. I've mentioned this before but this seems an appropriate place to reiterate,with a bit more detail..

    December's edition of Classic Rock magazine, which has Led Zep 111 as the cover design, contains an interview with JP. This magazine came out in November. At the end of this interview is a promise of a second part ,in which JP talks about the O2 show, amongst other things. This will be in the January issue, which, logically, should be out nowish ie December. Thank you.

    That magazine hit the shelves in my town on Tuesday.

    The day after the gig.

  10. they are really laying low, arent they?

    this is killing 20 million+ people around the world right now...we need some sort of contact from the Mothership so to speak

    ~upon us all, a little rain must fall

    Something like: Thanks for supporting the Ahmet Fund.

    We had a great time the other night.

    Thank you for coming out to see us & sorry we couldn't fit you all in.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year etc.

    Like that you mean?

  11. I was at the front row, and they were loving it, i think twice they hugged one another.

    although it had to be said that jonesy joining in looked like an after thought!

    They looked thoroughly intent with what they were doing, but what struck me was that they didn't seem too emotional about leaving the stage. As if to say:

    "We're not done with this just yet."

    The amount of eye contact i got of ALL the band members was fantastic! Jonesy gave me a grin.

    Jimmy smiled at me when he mucked up a bit.

    Robert pointed to his eye at us when me and my sis were getting teary eyed!


    This is nice to hear.

  12. I think that would makes good sense B)

    I honestly feel it's not fair we weren't there :(

    I know life isn't necessarily fair it is not about them owing us really but if you are really a long time fan and have WAITED for 27 years for this to have it happen only the one time...I can't say THAT makes a hell of alot of sense.

    If not for the fans~on a worldwide level~there would not have been a great success story for Atlantic or 4 the many bands that have made their way in the world of competitive musicanship with them.

    Let's face it~yes Ahmet is/was one great genius, ahead of his time, that revolutionized the record industry. He organized and forged the way but without the support of the fans....there's nothing to celebrate really ...is there?

    Just wish there was a way to convey this to the guys, in a way they might understand and re-consider.

    I for one would like to see them play a few major cities in the US and then make a few stop offs with some of the other continental fanbase.

    It is a dream come true that they came together again~no doubt~ B)

    If I could speak 2 them, I'd say~c'mon guys just finish what U started?

    It's like gettting all this overthetop fantastic orgasmic foreplay and then pulling out just shy of the big finale :o:blink::(

    It's what I want ~it's what I need~I'm on my knees~call'n baby please?

    Still wait'n and hold'n out .... ;)

    I can agree with alot of what you have said. :console:

    (I'm sure someone will tell me off for saying such things but one has ones own opinion)

    I think Jimmy's quote that they shouldn't have let the Genii out of the bottle sums it up best.

    I like many others had laid Zep to rest a long time ago (as far as live performance is concerned)

    Even when news began to filter through about the O2 I was reluctant to believe it.

    But there it is -THEY did it! Although to the exclusion of MOST of thier fans.

    & that's just cruel if they end up saying -sorry no more.

    I'm not holding my breath for anymore but I think we just have to wait and see.

    It may be a DVD of the 02 is all we ever get.

  13. I agree, can't they just get on with it and say to the best of our ability we will pan a few show 10 in the major venues(and list them) after plant does his dance with the (evil one) yoko.. i mean alison krauss. "oh robert its so sweet you decided to tour with me. I just can't wait to fiddle with myself!!!!" zepp fans can wait..



    ha ha I was just saying to my husband the other day I wonder how long it will be before someone calls Krauss Yoko?!

    Not that I agree but it's funny nontheless :lol:

  14. Robert will tour with AK while the other 3 guys will reherse and write new material while Robert uses his time with AK as his muse of the moment to generate new Zepp lyrics

    the 4 of them will meet this summer to practice the new material and get the kinks out, and then in the fall they will record, and distribute a record for next holiday season and commence a 08'/09' limited world tour of major cities in 2-3 night stands


    HA HA

    I want to live in your world..............

    I wish it could all be true

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