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  1. What the hell would you hope to find at Bron-Yr-Aur Cottage? other than sheep.
  2. I don't have anything against Foreigner but that really made me laugh!
  3. (looking at the title of this thread) Point taken. I only got into this because I was defending someone who IMO wanted to voice their frustration & got it flung back in their face & called names to boot.
  4. What was the point in people spending £125.00 for a concert just so they could miss most of it? Maybe just so they could say they were there?
  5. yea, we know that there were alot of ordinary peeps there, apparently about 18,000 good luck to you. That really wasn't the point. It's just that there were SOME tickets wasted there on people who really didn't want to hear the band they just wanted to be at an event. Someone reported some comedian & his wife arriving 40 min late & falling asleep. then there are all the "Corporate" tickets as well. I begrudge even two tickets being wasted If 2 other people could have had them & really enjoyed themseves. They were that precious.
  6. Wow- you remind me -I remember trying to get tickets for that Cream reunion at The Albert Hall. They were like gold dust. They were going for about £800.00 per ticket on Ebay. Even getting tickets for David Gilmour recently was a nightmare. You're right, things did used to be a whole lot easier.
  7. Yea, I'm not holding my breath though (I hope I'm wrong) I don't expect we'll hear anything from them one way or the other until at least after Christmas.
  8. That's exactly what I'm saying!!! There was never any question he would be invited to attend.
  9. I never named any names. you don't need to put words in my mouth. Of course I would expect the likes of Jagger, McCartney & Gilmour to be there not to mention Roger Taylor who has been a Zep Fan for years. I have no problem with that. & I personally have NEVER stated to anyone that Zep OWE us a concert either. I don't believe they do I never thought this gig would happen.
  10. I just don't want to hear someone bragging on about being there when there was no question he was going to be allowed to attend. He didn't have to enter a ballot. And it still hurts that I had to miss this. Am I Jealous??? O YES. GREEN
  11. I owe you!! Thank you for posting that. why am I clapping for a video clip???? This was the part of the performance I wanted to see the most! & for a little you tube clip the sound is pretty good! especially considering all the moaning about the sound thats been going on.
  12. OOOOO Thank you soooooo much for that!!!!!!
  13. Why can't people criticise something without being called names? It's not an unfair comment. Many real fans were shut out from the experience so that celebs who are not fans could attend. People are gutted & seeing the celebs going in just adds to that. People need to vent their frustration. Having said that- unfortunately thats how the machine operates. I don't think anything will ever change it. And I believe it isn't in Pages power to do anything about it.
  14. Don't be silly It couldn't possibly be crap. I would have to disagree about certain artists not having put a decent album out in 20 yrs. You can't live in the past forever. Many of these old artists are better now than they ever were. And so they should be.
  15. I just CAN'T wear the guitar as low as he does!! Pagey always looks so cool! I've tried but my arms just aren't long enough- can't play anything without it up higher.
  16. I'm not much of a Metallica fan but really I don't give a damn who opens if I'm getting to see Zeppelin Live! It could be alot worse.
  17. For alot of people though, It's not a matter of not wanting to pay for an artists work. Many people couldn't be there who would have VERY GLADLY paid to attend or to watch from afar the show on Monday but were 'shut out' from it completely. I know there are reasons for this. & I know it was a charity gig. but it WAS advertised to the public. How can people be expected to just ignore it? The tribute could have just been a private charity afair for an elite crowd of wealthy people if that's what was wanted. Personally I don't like the quality of these Youtube clips but what else is there? You can't blame people for trying to get hold of them.
  18. "What's that man moving 'cross the stage? Looks alot like the one used by Jimmy Page." ____________McCartney Lyrics from 'Rock Show' from Venus & Mars Album released 1975. That's a pretty good tip of the hat if you ask me!
  19. How about trying to smoke a fag without using your hands whislt you play your guitar only to blind yourself with smoke & realise it's not as easy as it looks!
  20. I agree with this. Some new material would help tp "Update" things a bit and I would think make the prospect of playing a few more gigs more interesting to the musicians themselves. It would also give Jason a chance at some more input. Bring it on!!!
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