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  1. Which is very weird because in England you HARDLY EVER hear about Zep! we are so obssesed with shitty chart music here. It was nice for a change. For example: Queen (my husbands favourite band) I'm not trying to nock them I think they are a great band but....... to listen to the British press sometimes you'd think they were the ONLY English rock band ever to have existed & that they were the first to do everything. It was GREAT to hear about LED ZEPPELIN for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. C'mon Now, remember the finger. I think he was brave to get out there so soon. Thanks Jimmy!
  3. BTW Is Jason Bonham Amazing or what???
  4. Glad to hear I'm not the only one whos been crying. Weird isn't it?
  5. Trust me It's TSRTS I know it like the back of my hand as do alot of others I'm sure.
  6. Planet rock is broadcasting from INSIDE the O2 but so far its just chat. breif interview w/Paul Rodgers etc. Wether there will be any music later remains to be heard.................................
  7. Yes 7pm UK time & VIP tickets are still being flogged on ebay.co.uk for £10.0000
  8. As you were and will be tomorrow no doubt
  9. I think you're full of shit...so peace off
  10. I noticed this as well. 24hrs before & there are still people trying to flog passcodes for outrageous sums on ebay!
  11. Sorry if this is a repeated question but................. I'd like to know
  12. Me too. Watching all the old footage would just make it worse for me. Tomorrow night is probably the one night I COULDN'T do that! I hope it all goes well for band & fans alike but at this point I really can't wait til it's over.
  13. Thanks for the sympathy. & the memories! I did the dummy thing as well so I could attend my first concert which was Alice Cooper!! Also (having spent a few years living in America) I can remember the midnight movies too. I must have seen TSRTS 100 times that way (No video machines yet) I remember alot of kids used to got to The Rocky Horror Movie at midnight but on the other screen would be TSRTS & I would always go to that. Sometimes twice in one weekend. Such a Zep Anorak I was!
  14. There won't be any trouble for him. It was a children in need auction. It will have been all above board. arranged by the BBC etc
  15. It's your age. Your going deaf mate
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