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  1. i agree iam a lifelong floyd fan and i have been lucky enough to se pink floyd (waters,mason,gilmour& wright) and in the gilmour led period. i have also seen roger waters live several times. without roger the band just sound so weak. i was lucky enough to go to l;ive 8 to witness the reunion & and to see zeppelin at the 02 for the reunion. i am truly blessed lol
  2. trainers jeans & a t shirt we should have posted this BEFORE the gig so could recognize each other there!!!!!!!!!
  3. a thousand thak yous to robert , jimmy, john & jason for a magical evening i will treasure the memories forever, thank you led zeppelin
  4. what a great statement!! i was there on monday night & i feel for all of you that wanted to be. it was magical and something i will treasure forever. lets all hope for one last faREWELL TOUR. JIMMY DID SAY "IT WOULD BE FUN TO DO MORE" SO LETS HOPE.
  5. unbelivable people were rushing past me to get out before the encores!!!!! and to all the fucking idiots who kept trying to "cut" the crowd to get a betteview .wankers
  6. there must have been fellow stoners at the gig on monday night but NONE of us sparked up a doobie did we?????
  7. wtf???? macca was smoking in the 02!!!!!!!! this is an outrage!!!!1 i was very privelleged to get tickets in the online ballot. i have had to cut my christmas list down & work all the hours god sends to buy the tickets & pay for hotels etc. i wolud have given my left arm to be able to hav a joint in the gig but for fear of being thrown out i didnt. but that saggy eyed mop top fool gets away with it!!!!!! what a cunt paul mccartney is.
  8. i have to say from were i was stood they all seemed to be enjoying it, all of the band sharing smiles & admiring glances with each other & the crowd.
  9. no doubt monday night was fantastic!!!!! the 5 songs i would have added are 1.the ocean 2.living loving maid 3. when the levee breaks 4.custard pie 5. four sticks
  10. a coat will be essential dont forget to bring one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ME!!!!!!!!!! thre4r is nothing better than watching a gig while tokin on a joint. in other gigs i have been to i just waited for someone else to light up. guess i will be doing the same on monday evening!!!!!
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