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  2. he says year of the muse. it's year of the snake. i'm year of the snake. i could be his muse. happy new year everyone, this is definitely painfully intriguing! i'm hopeful that we'll hear a lot more from Jimmy this year
  3. Hahaha no I don't blame you, and yes this has a lot to do with how music is shared these days, it's all scattered and all digital. This Christmas I plan to buy a turntable and more records, we only have 2 of Zeppelin ones (used to have all, lost it in a flood before I even got into them) and listen to all of them in order. And as much as I wish I had been around during that golden age, the way I discovered Zeppelin was in its own way exciting. Sure it wasn't the way it was intended but I can't do anything about that, and learning about 50 years of their career in retrospect is fascinating in a different way. Watching the documentaries and reading articles, being new to old things like it was just happening, it's like a great discovery of an archive. By ignorantly putting it on shuffle the first time around, I absorbed individual songs without knowledge and prejudice. Later on after reading into the band and completing/fixing the discography, I realized a lot of the songs I wasn't too into were from ITTOD. But like I said, one day I could just suddenly get into, say, Carouselambra or Hats Off To (Roy) Harper
  4. The mamba section is my favourite part! It's so dancey and I love the beat, but it was one of the songs I didn't initially like. And about the new fans being influenced by what is already known of Zeppelin, yeah i totally get that. I think fans who were around during the height of a band will appreciate their music and legacy differently than someone who discovers them long after they've disbanded, and I think this goes for just about any form of art. But personally, I didn't start off by listening to Zeppelin in terms of records. I listened to them on shuffle and didn't know what song was from which album, didn't get into the biographies until way after. And though my parents had an influence on the music i listen to, you could still say I got into LZ blindly
  5. I agree with you on the Pop genre, though I still think pre-80's pop was a lot better (Abba included). I also agree with bands evolving their sound as they grow, and I acknowledge the context of ITTOD and that this was a heavy time in Zeppelin's career and personal lives, but no matter how much we look into those external factors it still boils down to whether you dig the music or not, and most people did not. I liked Fool in The Rain and recently Hot Dog, and I can appreciate every album for the story it tells or its background and history, but if I strip off all that and I'm left with the music, I won't think about whether I like it or not, I just either will or won't. I can never choose a favourite album, but if I had to, currently I'd say III
  6. Maybe it was the time, I mean this was moving into the *cringe* 80's and there's that synth-y sound you can hear from that era. I dunno, I get ITTOD having an Abba sound but I wouldn't be able to dissect and rationalize it for explanation. Maybe it's the pop feel of the album? Also Robert's voice
  7. Before I was in love with Tangerine, and only Tangerine. I couldn't stand any other song, I tried Black Dog but I couldn't stand it. Until, sooner or later, I started liking it. Some songs I don't really listen to today are Carouselambra, Ozone Baby, Wearing & Tearing, Walter's Walk, In The Evening, All Of My Love, Custard Pie, and usually I'll only listen to the intro of TSRTS. There are a lot of others too, Hot Dog used to be part of it but in recent weeks it's grown on me and I can say I like it. That goes for a lot of their songs, so perhaps one day I will like Carouselambra....
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