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    my song for Jimmy Page:

  1. sabelstorm

    Robert Plant 2013 Tour Dates

    Bron Yr Aur Stomp and Ramble On-Robert Plant presents The Sensational Space Shifters, live at Fort Canning Park, SIngapore; I apologize for the crappy audio quality, more than shaky video, and on top of it all, my screaming and screeching.
  2. sabelstorm

    My Zepp Covers

    oh sorry, yeah tumblr's player is very glitchy, but i'm glad rain song works thank you! oh wow you are too much, hahaha thank you
  3. sabelstorm

    Robert Plant 2013 Tour Dates

    those are great photos! i can't seem to find it on tumblr/find the one who posted it, i'd like to follow them. i have a video of them playing going to california, maybe i'll post that tomorrow. it's when i started bawling!
  4. sabelstorm

    My Zepp Covers

    Thanks! That one was the first time i tried effects (not even 'real' ones, just on garageband) and I will
  5. sabelstorm

    My Zepp Covers

    Hi everyone! I just wanna share with you some of my (simplified) zeppelin covers Over The Hills And Far Away - http://nelsonstorm.tumblr.com/post/32324502371/over-the-hills-and-far-away-second-cover-new Bron-Yr-Aur - http://nelsonstorm.tumblr.com/post/24680545422/bron-yr-aur-led-zeppelin-cover-take-1-because-i The Rain Song- http://soundcloud.com/bebopthelula/the-rain-song-cover White Summer - Bring It On Home - http://nelsonstorm.tumblr.com/post/25154280500/messin-around-with-bring-it-on-home-led-zeppelin
  6. sabelstorm

    Robert Plant 2013 Tour Dates

    thanks for this!! i was there, at the very front, crying and rocking out and going crazy. i still can't believe i got this chance, never really thought i would

  8. sabelstorm

    Robert Plant 2013 Tour Dates

    I'm going to see him in Singapore as well!! Just a few more daaaayys. And I just found out it's his first show of the tour :3
  9. sabelstorm

    In 2013 Robert might "chill" awhile!

    I'm seeing Robert next month, along with Bonnie Raitt and Paul Simon in Singapore! Anyone gonna be there?
  10. sabelstorm

    Happy Birthday Jimmy Page - 69 Today

    The explosions have begun! Happy Birthday Mister Page! did this yesterday at the beach, didn't even realize it was the day before his bday! yes i forgot the strike through
  11. sabelstorm


    he says year of the muse. it's year of the snake. i'm year of the snake. i could be his muse. happy new year everyone, this is definitely painfully intriguing! i'm hopeful that we'll hear a lot more from Jimmy this year
  12. sabelstorm

    Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Pre-order

    i've been trying to order for weeks but it's always either unavailable or the page just refreshes
  13. sabelstorm

    Jimmy winding us up again?

    hmmm link says error? i'm like the zeppelin badluck brian
  14. sabelstorm

    Jimmy winding us up again?

    yeah....i'm outside of the uk...i can't even see celebration day....
  15. sabelstorm

    Jimmy winding us up again?

    do you know where we can listen to the full interview?