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  1. Queen? The Best of all Time??? I mean they are okay but they are not better than Led Zeppelin, The Stones or Aerosmith. I have seen all of the above and, live and in person, there is no equal to LZ.
  2. It means they have sobered up or are back in rehab.
  3. Communication Breakdown. I like rock music and Communication Breakdown IS a rock song.
  4. Rock and Roll because it started a concert that has never been quiet in my soul.
  5. ZTex

    Best Album Poll

    Zep II because my dad helped me buy my first car ( a 67 Mustang) which had an 8 track in it. My dad bought me II so I would have something to listen to the first time I took it out on my own. He told me he had no idea who these guys were but my sister had told him Zep was my favorite. Good call sis (and dad). I wore that tape out cause LZII is Classic.
  6. Whole Lotta Love because of the way it sounded in concert in 1973. II is replete with Classics but can still feel that bass and hear RP wail like it was yesterday. WLL was one of their best in Mobile, Ala.
  7. I voted Whole Lotta Love because of the way in sounded in concert in 1973. The guitar was pure, Bass pounded, I could see Bonzo sweating and robert was at his best. What a night!!
  8. When I saw Zep they did not play Kashmir or Achilles Last Stand, however, I truly love both of those songs. I chose STH because I was so amazed that they could reproduce in concert what I had heard on the album. I will never forget the solo Page played that day in Mobile, Ala. STH was (is) just a great song.
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