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  1. In Victoria where I am, it's just as often freezing cold as it is boiling hot, it's ridiculous. And yippee, here comes bushfire season. For the past 5 summers, our sky has been full of smoke.
  2. That's nice to hear! I live about an hours drive west of Lakes amongst coal mines and power stations and most people who live here are really self-deprecating about the area, but I love it. Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale are very nice places.
  3. Aww, no more chair? haha :)

  4. Bengmin


    I took up singing a few months ago with a teacher, but I took some time off to try and increase my range and find my head voice, since I didn't feel I was making any progress with him, in that particular area. I have been having trouble finding my head voice, or trying to tell my head voice from my falsetto. I've read about them enough to understand the mechanical differences between these registers (in relation to the vocal chords etc.) but still have no idea of how to reach my head voice; any exercise or tip I try just seems to feel like I am just engaging falsetto. I am a baritone, and I can reach about E above middle C when my throat tenses up and I know I should be changing to head voice soon. I have tried out Brett Manning's Singing Success, and I have had some success with that. Are there any singers here who can shed some light on this? Maybe we could have a bunch of singing questions in here. BTW: Hello as Barkoder from the old site
  5. Australian here! I'm from Gippsland, Victoria. I was Barkoder on the old site. We can't be the only two?
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