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  1. dear virginia thanks for your posting and personal answere to my qwestions. the painting is a great one cause i have trouble seeing it with all the fine details on the computer... i wonder if you are going to sell it and how much it will cost.
  2. are there any more details about the music ? instrumentals or just songs ...?
  3. i missed the song too. but the great celebration day shows that they could not perform this perfect running number anymore.what a pity!
  4. a real great thing. i was at the gig but the filming and sound turned the whole thing into something perfect.they put a lot of concentration into it and it paid out.in the cinema the volume was too low but i guess this is something for our homesystems anywhere. the balance between quiet and thunder tunes were perfect as the improvisations. ok there were some bits of guitar or vocal faults but this in in the nature of improvising. two young kids said it correctly at the end:they are often out of tune and time, but that is the reason why the music is so fantastic. i don´t think you can co
  5. we are supposed to have a very modern soundsystem at the cinema in paderborn. after the movie started i told the engineer to rise the volume.he said he did. but i had to sit in the front rows to get a good sound.but the movy is still great.
  6. agree about genesis and yes.But it is always a thing what they want to claim. if you visit the hard-!-rock cafe in vegas you see michael jackson-king of pop- being the headliner! that is real fun.
  7. dear virginia i like your new work. you changed the sword in a few points. a straight guard like a claymour a shiny blade without a fuller. swords are very important and i wonder why you have changed that. best regards
  8. Thanks for the welcome.I guess your german is much better than of what most foreigners speak. Of course I checked the nember map.but there seem to be noone in creete.unfortunally.
  9. hello from germany. i am new here and like to meet zepfriends -especially when travelling. creete and scandia are my next steps. anyone in here from this countries.
  10. a cheap one can be fine one too.i got a gibson melody maker that has not the best reputation. but everyone trying it was knocked out with this instrument. white summer only works with the dano.
  11. i like everything.even the crunge that took me some time, but if that counts .it might be a thing if you don´t listen often to a song... ittod south bound.. darlene. royl orleance but in opposite to some in here i love out on the tiles,tea for one and hats off to roy harper and wearing and tearing
  12. don´t know about the lessions but i remember Jimmy always speaking very respectfully about John. He said :All the time i see him he is getting better.
  13. jimmy promised around 1977 to release such an album. i guess there are more audio than video tapes in a good quality that he got . it would be a great thing but i don´t know if he would choose my favorite versions. he did it with the -in my time of dying.dvd release. but i made my personal bootleg best of by now.therefore it is always intresting to hear people in hear mentioning other versions that i don´t know so far.
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