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  1. I would have asked Robert If he would give away Carmen Jane once more to myself.
  2. Thank You very much Paul for the kind welcome.Cheers,Tim
  3. 24 hrs later I have sooo many more good reflections of what was a Great Movie/Concert: Like others have posted,the Smiles(genuine IMHO) between all the guys during the entire concert. Every one of the Four gave absolutely everything their bodies and heart could muster,but Jimmy left nothing on the stage.He was Fuckin slobberin,sweatin,droolin and playin the Fuck out of every rig he strapped on.I think JP is as good presently as he ever has been if not BETTER. I learned how much JPJ means to this band.Good for you JPJ,you finally got the Air time that You deserve.BTW,Inever knew how much
  4. My Wife and I just got home from the showing in Nashville.In my opinion most of the movie was fantastic and am glad we went.Highlitghts for myself were MMH,NFBM,TSRTS,IMTOD and Kashmir while the rest was so-so.I don't get why all the distorted shots as opposed to all in live HD. A great part of the night was Bullshitin with about 10 or so others who were in our seats very early.Alot of fun it was chattin with those fans and I wanna give a shout out to a Gal named Connie who was very friendly and had the most amazing ZEP tats I have ever seen.Thx for reading and enjoy the mighty ZEPPELIN.Cheer
  5. I just hope it's loud enough.I thought I read somewhere that Robert didn't think it was loud enough.Cheers
  6. We will be attending Wed nites showing here in Nashville,TN a little less than 24 hrs from now.Cheers
  7. Hello fellow fans.I have been a Fan since LZ1 was released.Unfortuneately,I never had the opp to see LZ live.I have had the opp to see Robert give or take 15 times since Bonzo's passing and saw Robert and Jimmy in New Orleans at the Lakefront Arena on their Unledded Tour.24 hrs and 2 mins from now,my Wife and I will be watching Celebration Day at the Regal 20 in Music city,TN.Glad to be here and can't wait for tommorow.TRW
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