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  1. I have this cd since it was released. AMAZING perf in Montreux (I have the video too) and Glastonbury. Ship of fools is fantastic. I search for all the others 1993 soundboards shows.
  2. I would like to get the whole recording. Any clue ?
  3. I saw it friday. Fantastic. I am on LZ and Plant concerts mode since Page starts the show with its nice suit and brushing and finish it completely wet looking like a mad professor. Plant is classy with nice shoes. No quarter and Kashmir were very impressive. The sound is brilliant (the Bluray audio in 48/24 is for sale). I place an order for deluxe set with the dvd with rehearsals. I understand Monkeyonmyback. There is something a bit sad when you are 45 like me. I saw Page Plant in 95 (why did I miss 98 shows ?? I cannot remember). And now it is over. Like Bowie retired, like Stones
  4. Hi everyone Currently listening to Washington march 17,75. Amazing sound. No quarter lasts 27'20" minutes in a total jazzy style and improvisation. I just discovered that show remastered recently. jeff
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