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  1. Presence has always been one of my favorites as well. Probably because it is less popular and not as over played as their others. Although it does have it's low points (Candy Store Rock) in my opinion, it also includes Tea For One and For Your Life which are two of my most favorite songs ever!
  2. Either Physical Graffiti because it's interesting to look at, or House of the Holy because it's bright. Presence is also good, just because it's so bizarre.
  3. CD's- All studio recording (yet to get live CDs) Records- NONE, I'm working on it! DVD's- The Song Remains the Same, Live at Knebworth, the "Led Zeppelin DVD", and Led Zeppelin 4 on Review. Books- Stairway to Heaven (Richard Cole), Hammer of the Gods (Stephen Davis), When Giants Walked the Earth (Mick Walls), An Illustrated History of Led Zeppelin, LZ-75, and an insert from what I think was a box set of records, titled Led Zeppelin with crop circles on the front. Magazines- Creem 1977 (Led Zeppelin on the Road), Mojo Classic Led Zeppelin (2005), Uncut Led Zeppelin Collectors Edition (2012)
  4. I was probably 8 and I found the one single Zeppelin CD my dad had, which was Led Zeppelin 3 (still on of my favorite records) and listened to the Immigrant Song over and over. I remember knowing the song Black Dog at that time as well, and looked for it on that album... I think I put on Tangerine thinking that was the songs name! Now the Immigrant Song is the only one I will not listen to on that album. Kind of irronic. I really started getting into Zep quite suddenly. All of a sudden I had all the CD's, posters, shirts, everything.
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