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  1. monitesn

    Young Jimmy

    "JARZEMBOWSKI FUNERAL HOME"?? Hahaha... BTW Jarzembowski it's a Polish surname...
  2. Very, very nice tattoo, although I would do some shadings, instead of this thick, black lines in Z and S, to make it a little more "light". But I think this composition is interesting. Good job!
  3. Ha! It looks like my neighbours have the same problem as yours!
  4. About the first picture, I agree that she's not there. But aren't his parents there? About the socond one - too bad, because they both are so sweet But, how do you know that they look alike, indeed?
  5. Have you ever seen any photo of Allison, Robert's sister? I know that Robert is not very keen to show his family in public, but it is possible to find in the internet two photos: one is with Maureen, kids and Robert's parents and - I gues - his gandma, taken in a garden. The second one is taken when Robert and his sister were small kids, 3-4 year old, sitting in a deckchair together - she feeds him with cake or sandwich. I wonder, if there are any grown-up photos of hers with Robert. I wonder - are they look alike?
  6. Heh, I wish I could listen to some stories from someone who was in the same class at school with Robert or Jimmy... That could be interesting, don't you think?
  7. I was going to ask you about it. Of course I'm interested in it! I waiting... Have a nice walk.
  8. Oh, I really envy you seeing them live... I wish I could do it once in a lifetime. And shake hands with them. Aaahhhh.... sweet dreams. I totally agree with you baout dvds. I ordered Celebration Day too, but I thought that those specials will be in every edition...!? Gosh, I must read about it more carefully. Until now I couldn't, because I was very anxious waiting for he show in cinema. I was taking my friend who never was into Led Zepp - she didn't know them really, and on November 7th I'm going once more with... my dad! He is a cool guy. At first, he was teaching me about music, now I'm teaching him Just like you and your dad. Bye, Rich!
  9. Well, nothing more constructive? If you don't like the topic, just don't comment, please.
  10. What a long post... Sorry! And my interest in Robert's solo career is a simply continuation of Led Zepp's interest. Even, if I think that some of his albums from 80's weren't that good as they could be... But I love this guy from the head to toes, and he will always be the greatest rock voice ever for me. Even if he's a little bit away from rock'n'roll now. Cheers, Monika.
  11. Thank you for a compliment It's nice to hear/read it, because English is a kind of my passion since I was 10. Even though, I know that I'm making mistakes. (And now I'm 34.) I've been listening to Led Zepp since my dad gave me once a 90 minutes long tape: on one side was The Doors - some greatest hits, and the second side was Led Zepp IV. I was 15 then, I guess. At first, I was more into Doors, but I loved Stairway to Heaven. Especially that I heard it before somewhere, on the radio, probably. Soon I couldn't listen to the Doors anymore, because I was starting to feel like suicidal or something So, I swiched to the other side and.... that was IT. Black Dog, When the levee... You know. I had thrills down my spine. I realized that this music sounds better when it's louder and louder and I wasn't that nice girl I was before anymore My dad also showed me Deep Purple, and first of all - The Beatles, his great, if not the greatest love. I had my favourite Beatles' songs when I was 5! Years were passing, and I was listening difference kinds of music - reggae from Marley, Peter Tosh and others, Queen - long before Freddie's sad death, but Zepps were always somewhere in my head. I remember myself thinking that it's a shame that vocalist from Zepps is not more handsome, because it would be nicer to listen to them, hahahaha... Well, I was a teenager then and my hormones took control over me My favourite male type was someone like Peter Steele from Type O Negative. I can't believe now how childish I was. I changed my mind about Percy little bit later, of course. So, step by step, I was collecting Zepps albums, first on tapes, then on CDs, books - translated into Polish and in English and that's how it works till today. I think, that Led Zeppelin for me is the same as The Beatles for my dad. And, guess what. My 4 years old daughter knows all members of Led Zepp by name and recognize them on photo Which is pretty easy, because concerts on DVD are very often played in my house, and I have some pictures of the band on my walls. She also has her favourite Zepp's songs. The only problem she has is with JPJ. She thinks that his surname is... Lennon! John Paul Lennon. But soon, it will change, for sure.
  12. Thank you for a link. I heard about this town couple of years ago in Polish TV. But funniest thing is that the real, original Wilno is not Polish city anymore Wilno, now Vilnius in English, is a city in Belarus and don't have and, I guess, never had anything in common with Kaszubas As far as I know, at least. Historically it was a very important city for Poland in XVI th century and further. After WWII lots of Polish people must have escape from Vilnius, because city became a part of Soviet Union. Still, many Polish people who came from those lands are visiting Vilnius and Lvov (Lwów) in Ukraine as a kind of Mekka or something. Even if most of inhabitants of those cities doesn't like Polish people too much. Interesting digretions we have here, huh? About Robert - I really love to watch him smiling. I think he still is a hippie in his soul and he will never stop to be. Actually I don't believe that he is not smoking something from time to time And he has a great sense of humour, which appeals to me very much. I can easily imagine him making stupid (sometimes) jokes to his band mates and others or making good, intelectual laugh at someone who's not quite sure what was hitting him, if you understand what I mean.
  13. Yes, I think it was possible he was ripped. Or, maybe, he was a little bit shy those days, having Pagey beside him. Who, by the way, I don't really like to listen to, because, for me, he doesn't speak so clearly, as Robert does. He seems to be... withdrew or something. It's hard to explain it, but I saw it in many interviews. Like he is shifting the responsibility of answering onto Plant.
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