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  1. I was at the show last night in NYC and I kinda walked away with mixed feelings. i was expecting more of a story/tribute about his father and his rise to fame with Led Zeppelin. They didnt show any rare video's/pics of Bonzo and his bandmates/friends of the band and that is what probably what dissapointed me the most. Did anyone else feel this way? To me it was more of a Jason Bonham cover band trying to mimic the music of Led Zeppelin and trying to be Led Zeppelin. I dont know i guess my approach would have been different, as a fan i would have liked to have seen a celebration of the life of Bonzo and all the lives he touched with his music. He didnt have to play just Led Zeppelin's music and they should have touched and played some of the music that influenced Bonzo's playing and how his style of drumming was created. So to take all of this into account i guess i have to take it for what it was. The setlist was fantastic and once the engineers adjusted the sound properly the band really got going and took off into some really good numbers like Thank You, Babe Im Gonna Leave You and Im Gonna Crawl. Some of my favs were How many More Times, The Lemon Song, Your Time Is Gonna Come. Obviously and rightfully so the piece of the night was Moby Dick. Great job! Song after song though, the guitarist to me really stood out above the rest of the band. To my surprise, he was from Long Island New York which is where i am from. Overall i enjoyed it, just thought it could have been and should have been so much more. My highlight was definately when he showed his dad on the video screen making a funny face and having a laugh and looked liked he was smiling down at his son from Heaven. That was very touching and i am sure Bonzo is very proud of his son for carrying the torch of his legacy as one the most exciting and world's greatest drummers to ever hit the stage. Something in my gut stills tells me that the greatest tribute has still yet to come.

    I was at the show last night, and I absolutely agree with you. Fellow Long Islander Tony Catania was amazing. Now is it just me...or does Tony look a lot like "Sal" (John Cazale) from the film DOG DAY AFTERNOON????

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