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  1. my baseball coach says that people should carry around with them the same amout of pounds they need to lose. so if you need to loose 50 pounds then you carry a 50 pound bag with you and then you will start to lose the fat

  2. You're either a troll or you're about 12.

    The Beatles were English, all of them.

    I know all about "Give Ireland Back To the Irish". Look up where McCartney chooses to live.

    Now go away.

    i dont want to argue with you becuase its not worth it and because you just dont want to take the time to look up that mcartney is a irish name no matter where he lives. besides what does that have to do with it anyway. i chose to live in america but im still black and asian just the same. and i never called you any names and i never was rude like this so if you are mad about that i cant help you

  3. i think its to bad that people are getting into fights over this because it is a good song. i was just asking the questions about it because there is alot of stuff on the internet about the meaning of the song. i still think there is somthing sort of bad about the piper thing because that is how i feel about what the song says. i like the song and i hear it all the time but some older people must know more of what they were feeling when the song first came out before there was so many bad opinions about the meanings.

  4. in the song the piper is goin to lead us to reason just like the snake in the garden. but really the crowely guy is the evidence about why they made the song. crowely said he was evil himslef so if they liked this guy they must have wanted it to be about evil things. this only seems to make sense to me in my opinion.

    does anybody ever try to play the song back wards? i heard a thing on youtube when they did this and you can hear some evils things in there. it cant be an accident

  5. "Heritage " can go a long way back, and in their cases it does.

    My Grandparents are Irish, but I'm English, born in England.

    The Beatles are all ENGLISH whatever their "heritage", ffs.

    Most in the USA call themselves "American" - look up their "heritage".

    if your granparents are irish then you are irish blood just like john lennon and paul mcartney are irish blood. im half black and half filipino so that is my heritage. even if im american i am what my bloodlines are. just like everybody knows JFK was the first irish president and that is what he was known for. even if he is born in the usa but is irish he is still irish, not a citizen of ireland but irish. lennon and mcartney are the same way. did you know that paul mcartney wrote a song in favor of the irish and it was banned in england because mcartney hated what the english were doing to his people in ireland. look it up if you think im lying.

  6. They were all English. Lennon's parents were both born in England, as were his grandparents.

    McCartney's parents were also born in England, as were Harrison's and Starr's.

    i looked it up and more than one place says that Lennons heritgage is irish and so is mcartneys heritage. so you are wrong about this because obviously mcartney is an irish name too.

  7. You're asking a very difficult question to answer

    The Beatles were all born in England. Their family ancestry is Irish, same as many 'English' people. Liverpool is very close to Ireland geographically

    my history teacher is a real beatles fan from way back and he is also irish. my teacher says that Mcartney and Lennon are both irish by their parents. he said that Lennon was really O-Lennon before his family came from ireland. i knew i heard this before

  8. I usually Loathe to offend people, But you, Sir, are So Fucking Wrong ... Plant himself said that he doesn't know what the song is about , the Lyrics are Random Moment's creation, they don't have Deep hidden meanings and massages as Loads of people believe. and as for Jimmy, no he is NOT satanist, he was deeply interested in a man called Alister Crowley, Crowley was a wicked philosopher with some screwed up beliefs, but he wasn't Satan, and Jimmy didn't Worship Crowley.

    When i started listening to Zepp' i came across this whole Satanism thing and i was so confused because that's way too serious in my religion, But they were just so good i couldn't stop listening to them, so i decided to keep listening to them whether they are satanists, extraterrestrials, Or Child Molesters :) and if you listen to the backwards song without looking at the lyrics, you'll believe the whole subject is a fake up.

    how can plant not know what his song is about. that doesnt even make any sense. bro what are you smoking? and that crowely dude was evil so if people are into him than they are probably into some of what he was saying. i read that crowley was a witch to.

  9. ^You cannot make people change, they have to want to do it themselves. Thirty minutes for someone who is sedentary as a rule is a good start.

    i never liked to run but i had a coach who made us run like 5 miles sometimes. all you want to do is stop but if you have pride you wont stop. i think people who are fat and dont change have no pride or they would try harder. i also think there parents probalby dont make them care about what people think of them. i dont think people who are fat are happy. they eat because they are sad and because they dont have pride

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