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  1. my baseball coach says that people should carry around with them the same amout of pounds they need to lose. so if you need to loose 50 pounds then you carry a 50 pound bag with you and then you will start to lose the fat
  2. all you need is love the beetles
  3. my girlfriend is watching revenge and i am on the computer.
  4. i never liked to run but i had a coach who made us run like 5 miles sometimes. all you want to do is stop but if you have pride you wont stop. i think people who are fat and dont change have no pride or they would try harder. i also think there parents probalby dont make them care about what people think of them. i dont think people who are fat are happy. they eat because they are sad and because they dont have pride
  5. my girlfriends best freind is really fat because she never exersises. so some us of took her to a gym as a guest and she refused to even stay on the tredmill for more than like 30 minutes. and then she said she cant lose weight because its in her geanetecs. so how do you make somebody who is fat learn to change is what i cant figure,
  6. i just saw the godfather on tv for the first time at it was awesome
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