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  1. Dallas Indianapolis Buffalo Minnesota New Orleans Jets...feel sorry for the people who have to watch this game. Carolina Baltimore San Francisco Oakland New England Lambs Kansas City
  2. I was going to go to the Troubadour show until I found out it was just Rich and Chris from the old band. I have seen enough Robinson Bros. shows. already. It's not the Black Crowes if there is no Ford, Gorman et al. Screw you, Chris. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/steve-gorman-the-black-crowes-reunion-1203404592/
  3. zepscoda, did you see King Diamond at the Bomb Factory in Dallas? Uncle Acid were opening...as they are on all of the King Diamond dates this tour. I'm trying to work out either seeing them in Seattle or L.A.
  4. Absolutely. Hope you are all safe from the fires Jules, Reggie, and other NSWs? Be well.
  5. To wrap up the week, last night I went to a special Veterans Day screening of "The Right Stuff" at the Hollywood American Legion Post #43. If you haven't seen this, I don't know what to tell you other than what are you waiting for? It should be mandatory viewing for every American.
  6. Saturday night, I saw one I had never seen before. Joe Dante has been curating a series of little-seen movies at the American Cinematheque and this night he chose to screen "Hail! Mafia", a French-Italian co-production from 1965. Jack Klugman and Henry Silva are a pair of bickering bantering hitmen (foreshadowing John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in "Pulp Fiction") sent to silence Eddie Constantine. From New York to Paris to Marseilles, the movie zips along in an economical 90 minutes. In glorious black-and-white cinematography (there is a shot in Manhattan that would do Jules Schulman proud) and a suitably cool jazz score by Hubert Rostaing.
  7. I am a sucker for a good heist flick...or movies about gambling or con jobs. These are a few I watched this past week...starting with this Rat Pack classic. "E-O Eleven!" A small underrated gem. Steve McQueen goes up against Edgar G. Robinson in 5 card stud poker while Rip Torn menaces from the sidelines. Ann-Margret and Tuesday Weld are the eye-candy. Quite simply, "The Hustler" is a great American movie and says more about the American soul than baseball ever will. Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie, and George C. Scott etch their characters perfectly. Each owns their parts to the point that any remake or reboot would be foolish. If you have never seen it, drop what you are doing and see it now. American director Jules Dassin's nifty French noir. One of the coolest heist sequences ever filmed. Great jazz score by Georges Auric. Shot in black-and-white...as it should be.
  8. Week 11 Schedule Thursday, Nov. 14 TIME(ET) Pittsburgh at Cleveland 8:20 pm Sunday, Nov. 17 Dallas at Detroit 1:00 pm Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00 pm Buffalo at Miami 1:00 pm Denver at Minnesota 1:00 pm New Orleans at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm N.Y. Jets at Washington 1:00 pm Atlanta at Carolina 1:00 pm Houston at Baltimore 1:00 pm Arizona at San Francisco 4:05 pm Cincinnati at Oakland 4:25 pm New England at Philadelphia 4:25 pm Chicago at L.A. Lambs 8:20 pm Monday, Nov. 18 Kansas City vs SaD Chargers (in shit-hole Mexico) 8:15 pm
  9. We all sucked this week. Except 'Bama Boy jabe...and it's good he won in the NFL because his Crimson Tide got beat by LSU on Saturday. So his weekend was 50/50 joy and pain. Week 10 Results jabe: 9-4* ebk: 6-7 Junior: 6-7 Walter: 6-7 Bong-Man: 5-8 paul carruthers: 5-8 redrum: 5-8 Strider: 5-8 Mrs. W: 4-9 LedZeppfan77: 3-10 Season Standings After 148 Games 1. ebk: 94-53**** 2. Bong-Man: 93-54*** 2. Walter: 93-54** 3. redrum: 89-58*** 4. Strider: 87-60* 5. Junior: 86-61* 6. Mrs. W: 84-63* 7. jabe: 82-65* 8. LedZeppfan77: 79-68 9. paul carruthers: 71-69*
  10. I left my NFL Pool notebook at work so I won't be able to post score updates and standings until tomorrow.
  11. They fired him for that? Pretty harmless stuff. Fuck Sportsnet. Blame Canada.
  12. The wack factor was warp 10 on Sunday. That worked in jabe's favour for once as his wacky hunches paid off. jabe is three games ahead of the nearest competitor so it doesn't matter which team wins tonight...jabe has clinched Week 10. Congratulations jabe on your first win of the season!
  13. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    Every time I look up Vinatieri and Hauschka are missing kicks.
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