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  1. I have never heard of such a beast. Free's "Heartbreaker" wasn't released until January 1973. So any Led Zeppelin reference to Free's "Heartbreaker" within their own "Heartbreaker" would have been on the 1973 tour or later. I don't have all the 1973 "Heartbreaker"s but I have heard all of the known existing "Heartbreaker" performances on tape from 1975, 1977, 1979, and 1980, and I don't recall hearing them drop Free's version into the middle of any of them.
  2. Still in the year 1946…what a fucking great year for film. People talk about 1939 but 1946 gives 1939 a run for its money as Hollywood's Greatest Year. Another great Bogie-Bacall pairing. Here is another great pairing…what a gorgeous couple Ingrid Bergman & Cary Grant make. Ingrid is way up at the top of the list for me…yes, above even Lauren Bacall.
  3. That's easy. Lauren Bacall all the way. Then, Rita Hayworth. I was never a big fan of the cheap blonde look, so Claire Trevor and Lana Turner would be down the list. Claire Trevor is a good actress and has been in some great films ("Stagecoach", "Johnny Angel", "Born to Kill", "Key Largo") but Hollywood was filled with girls who looked like her. I wouldn't throw her out of bed, but I was never mesmerized by her looks. Lana was a 'star' but not really much of an actress. I find a lot of her performances stiff and wooden. Again, her looks never kept me up at night…those kinds of b
  4. Everyday is like Christmas around here, thanks to the Dogs of Doom guys. Merci beaucoup, fellas.
  5. "The greatest poem is lyric life itself." R.I.P. Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Lived to the ripe old age of 101.
  6. Then, I returned to my chronological progression through Kimberly Truhler's "FILM NOIR STYLE: The Killer 1940s" book…watching the movies as she goes through them in her book. I reached the halfway point of the book this past weekend…ending with 1945 on Sunday and starting the 1946 chapters last night.
  7. Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Giulietta Masina's birth. So I put on my favourite Giulietta Masina movie…"Nights of Cabiria".
  8. I'm sure other drummers here like @Bonzo_fan have seen this guy before. Pretty amazing.
  9. No guitar solo is what makes this song special. A lot of great songs don't have guitar solos. Jimmy was going for a North African trance effect with Kashmir. Everything in the song was geared to lull the listener into a hypnotic trance...the metronomic beat, the repetitive riffing, the orchestral swirls, the drones. No one instrument stands apart...all is subsumed into the whole for the good of the song. A guitar solo would have broken the spell and called unnecessary attention away from the whole and to the guitar. Jimmy wisely refrained from inserting his ego into the perfect archi
  10. I have a fair share but no more than most. But those Bob Dylan boxes are official releases by Bob himself. Jimmy Page needs to quit fucking around and get off the schneid.
  11. Never ever heard him sing "belong" once in all the live versions I have. Never.
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