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  1. I vote in person. Soldiers gave their lives for that right. It's the least I can do for their sacrifice.
  2. Strider

    2020 NFL Thread

    Schadenfreude was prevalent throughout the land yesterday as both Belichick and the Cowboys were embarrassed.
  3. I'm curious, gibsonfan159. How many times do you listen to a show before giving it the nitpicking treatment?
  4. You were right. It was the May 18 Earls Court that was on my list. I just found my old notebook where I had some Led Zeppelin lists and data written down and May 18, 1975 Earls Court was in my Baker's Dozen list. Just to verify, I listened to both the May 18 and May 23 Earls Court boots again the past couple of nights. May 23 has some great moments but May 18 is the most consistent overall, especially Page and Plant. May 18 might be Plant's best vocals for all of 1975. As for the more famous May 24 and 25 gigs, I love the extra encores on May 25, but I find both May 24 and 25 inconsistent…and sluggish compared to the earlier Earls Courts. And Plant struggles some and croaks a bit here and there. So, there it is…May 18 is the best Earls Court in my opinion.
  5. You'll get better response if you post this in the Musician's Corner, where all of your technical musical questions can be answered.
  6. Yep. Looking forward to that. 2pm PST.
  7. Strider

    2020 MLB Thread

    That's why I put in Led Zeppelin bootlegs when I watch games. It's a great way to pass three-plus hours. For instance, for tonight's Game 4 I listened to May 18, 1975 Earls Court. The game ended just as the last note of "Black Dog" rang out.
  8. Only wrote one letter to a band in my life. I wrote to Jimmy Page c/o Swan Song once in 1981. Never heard back…and frankly, wasn't expecting to.
  9. One of her smartest decisions was telling "Colonel" Parker to fuck off. Elvis Presley wanted to record her song "I Will Always Love You" but as a condition Parker wanted her to give up half her publishing rights. Smartly, she said no. It was similar to Jerry Reed refusing to hand half his publishing rights to "Guitar Man" to Parker when Elvis wanted to use it for his 1968 Comeback Special, even though he was broke and starving at the time. To his credit, Elvis ignored Parker and did the song anyway. Tom Parker was a piece of shit.
  10. A reminder. This is today. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/stevie-nicks-the-killers-kurt-vile-more-celebrating-tom-pettys-birthday-with-a-virtual-fest/
  11. I didn't get that at all. In fact, her husband appears to be a saint.
  12. The easy answer is to say it was the rock and roll lifestyle and they lived only for today and didn't care about the future. They weren't professional careerists. Still, other rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Elton John took care of their voices and warmed up before concerts. Mick Jagger practically trained like an athlete. This is one of those questions that remains unanswered because it remains unasked. Has Dave Lewis or Brad Tolenski ever asked this question of Plant? I don't think so. In fact, so much of Led Zeppelin's preparation for shows goes unknown because the writers with access to Robert, Jimmy, and Jonesy show not the slightest curiosity and instead ask the same old tired questions about "Stairway to Heaven". No one asks about soundchecks. When and how often did the band soundcheck and how did it change from tour to tour as the band and the venues became bigger? How were the setlists decided? Who had input on certain songs? Did they have much time before a show to limber up and get ready physically? Or did they just tumble out of their limos onto the stage? Why didn't Page ever seem to have his costumes ready before a tour? His 1973 cosmic suit didn't make an appearance until the last gigs of the tour. His 1975 black dragon suit didn't fully appear until Earls Court...only the pants were worn at the last gig in L.A. In 1977, the white poppy suit was a work in progress all through the beginning of the tour. Why not sit down with a designer and have your concert wardrobe ready by the start of the tour. Why did Plant like those kimono-like blouses in 1975-77? It seems like Plant used Shure microphones every time I saw Led Zeppelin in concert. Did he ever experiment with other microphones to see if they were better for live performance? Why didn't the band ever use front of stage monitors? Questions...I've got a million of them.
  13. Pretty good Dolly doc on Netflix, although it raises as many questions as it answers.
  14. I was just kidding around. Frankly, I take whatever a young band says in an interview with a grain of salt. Especially Van Halen, who were always taking the piss in interviews (they bagged on everyone from AC/DC to Kiss to Rush in the early days) and were most likely hammered. I know a couple of writers who covered Van Halen for rock magazines. The stories they tell. One guy hung out with them writing about the 1979 and 1980 tours and he said there was so much drinking and partying he barely escaped with his life. One fact is indisputable. Eddie Van Halen has always said he was inspired watching Jimmy Page perform "Heartbreaker" at the Forum and seeing Jimmy Page bend the string behind the nut gave him the idea that lead to his tapping.
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