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  1. You think the Raiders will be in the playoffs? What you smokin' Willis? 😆
  2. The last concert I saw before everything shut down was Mr. Bungle at the Fonda Theatre last February 2020. I have no idea what my first concert post-covid will be but I know the Hollywood Bowl and the Greek Theatre are scheduling concerts this summer, so I hope to see something this summer. I was supposed to see the Tedeschi/Trucks Band and St. Paul & the Broken Bones at Red Rocks last summer with a friend. It got cancelled of course, and then postponed again this year to 2022…except that St. Paul & the Broken Bones will no longer be part of the bill.
  3. Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, August 4, 1979. I don't pull my Knebworth vinyl out very often. This is one of the most garish, nonsensical covers I have ever seen on a bootleg. Someone decided a mix of Roy Orbison and Pink Floyd's "The Wall" would fit a Led Zeppelin album. Ridiculous. The audience tape sounds better than the bootleg video track that is out there. Performance wise, it is better than August 11 but a shade below July 24 Copenhagen.
  4. Back before Jones would haul the stand-up bass out for "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp".
  5. Yawn. Not that it matters, but I have been leaving the house to go to work nearly every day for over a year now. I don't live in a world where there are only two options…either hyper-fear of the outside world or blatant disregard for any health precautions or safety, no matter how sensible. Like most people, I try to live somewhere in the rational middle-ground.
  6. Rest In Peace Bob Koester, producer of these two fine albums by Magic Sam.
  7. They will probably make that TB @ NE game a Sunday Night prime time game.
  8. Did you get a new Mets jersey this year, PC? Home or away or one of those crazy alternate jerseys? By the way, I hate those alternate jerseys. Too many weird colour combos and names (The Land, The Town, Los blah blah blah) by sports teams now trying to gouge the fan. I DON'T need a black Angels jersey, thank you very much. The Angels colors are red, blue, and white…black is not part of their colour scheme.
  9. The NFL's thinking is 'America's Team' vs. the Super Bowl Champions. It's the closest the Cowboys will get to the Vince Lombardi Trophy this year. 😃
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