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  1. Ok, I am sort of confused now. There was Rubber Dubber's "Live at the Los Angeles Forum 9-4-70" tapeā€¦incomplete but fairly good audience stereo tape. Then there was Ken and Dub's tape used for the Blimp/TMOQ label release, which is the more common version. I thought it was their tape used for both the "Live on Blueberry Hill" vinyl (chopped up and songs out of order) and the acoustic songs from 9-4-70 added to TMOQ's "Three Days After" boot of 6-3-73 Forum? Are you saying that TMOQ had a second set of guys taping the 9-4-70 Forum show and that this tape was used for the acoustic songs on "Three Days After"? Why wasn't Ken and Dub's tape used or did they not capture the acoustic set? And this still doesn't answer the provenance of this guy's reel-to-reel tape of "Blueberry Hill". When and how was this made? How many reel-to-reels exist of this show. In the description of his YouTube upload he says he has more bootleg reel-to-reels.
  2. Nice first concert for you mmlotus. How far did you have to travel to get to Knebworth? Was there a reason you went on the 11th as opposed to the 4th? What Led Zeppelin albums did you own at the time? Were you into punk rock at all or any of the current young bands at that time? What about your school mates? Were there Led Zeppelin fans in your school?
  3. What is the story on this? I have never seen a bootleg issued on reel-to-reel, although as popular as reel-to-reels still were in the 1970s, I suppose it is not out of the realm of possibility that TMOQ would press a few reel-to-reels for the market. The sound on this is better than my vinyl...the acoustics are so clear I can hear faint audience chatter that I never heard before. This has balls in the low end that many releases of this tape lack. But two things give me pause that this is a genuine original TMOQ release from 1970. One is that the songs are in the concert order, not the order of the original vinyl. Two, "Blueberry Hill" fades out a minute into the song instead of being the full performance.
  4. June 14, 1977. Madison Square Garden, NYC. Thanks to @ZepHead315 I have completed my run through the 1977 Madison Square Garden shows. Before this week, I had only really heard the soundboard for June 7, the three song soundboard fragment for June 11, and the audience tape for June 14. My silver of June 14 is in storage as I have packed away many of my lesser-played bootlegs for safe-keeping. But ZepHead has a good-sounding upload of June 14 on youtube. Only the first two hours, as the tapers did not bring enough tape to record the entire concert. Although Plant had some brittle moments here and there during the New York stand, and the setlist wasn't as varied as the LA Forum run, it was still a dynamite week that obliterated the memory of the stagnant stand at Landover. The crowd enthusiasm helped carry the energy through the week. June 22 and June 26 are the top two LA Forum shows and therefore in the running for the best 1977 shows period. None of the Madison Square Garden shows reached that consistent peak, but the best of MSG can stand with June 21 and 23 (take away the historic nature of Keith Moon's appearance and it slips a notch compared to June 22 and 26). If only the tapers for June 11 and June 14 had been smarter and given us a complete show. June 14 hums along and sounds like it could be up there in the top ranks. Although OTHAFA isn't as killer as the night before, and No Quarter is cut, Ten Years Gone sounds amazing as usual. But without hearing Achilles, Stairway, and the encore (did they play the usual or whip out a surprise?), we'll never know for sure if June 14 was merely good (June 7, June 13, June 25, June 27) or rose to the rank of great (June 10, June 11, June 21, June 23). The super great are June 22, June 26, April 28, April 30...and I'm still weighing my decision on a few other dates.
  5. Another candidate from Wendy's boot of the October 3, 1972 Tokyo show.
  6. How do we know it is Minneapolis? I remember EVSD trying to pass off 1977 MSG for June 22 '77 or vice versa.
  7. Welcome to our happy Led Zeppelin hangout!

    1. Annamilia


      Thank you so much! This is like paradise, so much good inspiration. Any recommendations? šŸ™‚

  8. Happy 50th Anniversary to the start of the 1970 North American Summer Tour. August 10, 1970 Hampton Roads Coliseum, Virginia. Be forewarned...you really need bootleg ears to listen to this tape. This has the weirdest "Bron-yr-aur" I have ever heard. I can't tell if it is because the tape itself was messed up or if Jimmy Page decided to use a different tuning or chord progression. Between the Spring tour and the Summer tour Led Zeppelin really DESTROYED America in 1970. No wonder they toppled the Beatles in many polls at the end of the year.
  9. Sorry Bonzo_fan, Annamilia is correct. August 10, 1970 was the start of the 1970 North American summer tour. The original tour dates were rescheduled because of John Paul Jones' father. Hampton Roads, Virginia became the rescheduled opening date August 10, 1970.
  10. Well, trying to keep this germane to the thread topic at hand, if I had only one bootleg to choose it would not be any of the 1975 Forum boots. In fact, I would not choose any of the shows I went to...for they already live in my head and my memory. As for why you can't get into LA '75, it depends on what show you are talking about. March 12 Long Beach and March 24 L.A. Forum are the two I liked the best. The tempos aren't too plodding and they're still tight but loose and raunchy. The last two Forum shows get a little too loose and bloated for me. Too many ludes. That said, there were problems with 1975 that always hold back this tour, in my estimation. Equipment and P.A. problems, for one thing. 1975 was the first time where nearly every concert I saw was marred by Jimmy breaking a string or a guitar or amp problem or the P.A. sound not being as good as it could be. Second, Plant was just not up to par. Even with his problems in 1973, the band was a well-oiled machine capable of carrying a less than 100% Plant. But in 1975 Jimmy broke his finger and the band had taken two years off. It was a rusty machine that took a while to get up to speed. It was not always able to carry or cover for Plant's weakened state. All you have to do is compare how he wheezes through most songs in 1975 and the more forceful singing of No Quarter and Kashmir in 1977. The third thing that hurt 1975 was the setlist. Rock and Roll/Sick Again was their weakest 1-2 punch of the four tours I saw from 1972-77. Not enough quick punchy numbers like The Rover, Wanton Song, When I think of how amazing The Wanton song was as an opener on the Page/Plant tour, it is a shame they didn't use it in 1975 instead of the lumbering Rock and Roll.
  11. June 13, 1977 MSG. The first thing you notice with these MSG audience tapes is that none of these tapers got good seats like Mike Millard. Once you adjust your bootleg ears, though, these New York shows are a fun listen. For the first couple of hours, this show moves along with several peaks to recommend it and put it in the upper echelon of 1977 gigs. A rare "TSRTS" where Page doesn't sound like he's juggling cutlery during the solos. A great moody OTHAFA where Plant actually attempts to sing the original vocal melody. A third straight fantastic "Ten Years Gone". A lively acoustic set. A third straight fantastic "Kashmir" with no fuckups. The only glitches are Plant's voice giving out in "Since I've Been Loving You" and "No Quarter". I guess singing "Over the Hills" like the studio version took so much effort that his voice needed two songs to recover. But from "Ten Years Gone" to "Kashmir", Plant is fine and so is the band. But most 1977 shows are good for the most part for the first two hours all the way up through "Kashmir". It's that tricky third hour that often drags a show down or keeps the momentum going. The drum solo is what it is...the tape seems cut so it is hard to determine if this was an economical 15 minute solo or one that went for 20 or more minutes. "Heartbreaker" is a mess, though. It starts off okay but once we get to the solo, it is downhill. All you need to know about the difference between 1973 Jimmy and 1977 Jimmy is that the pull-off/hammer-on run that 1973 Jimmy could pull off one-handed, in 1977 required Jimmy to go to the picking hand. The rest of the solo is aimless as he halfheartedly throws in a few old phrases from the old days and digresses so much that he blows the fast-shredding part of the solo. The entrance is botched and the timing is all off. Fortunately, once the band reenters the rest of the solo is kept short. I was never impressed with the 1977 "Heartbreaker" and this is one of the worst ones. Then comes Jimmy's noise solo and it goes nowhere fast. The scribble section is just that...scribbling. No "Star Spangled Banner", no "Dixie", no "America", no theme of any kind. Then the Theremin section and there is obviously something wrong with either the Theremin or his guitar as there is not the usual arsenal of whoops and shrieks during this section. Just a low sickly moan. The bow solo is just average...nothing special. Things finally pick up with a powerful "Achilles Last Stand". "Stairway" starts off good but then Bonzo comes in early and Plant has to abandon the fourth stanza of verses. Jimmy's solo is good but not great. It's funny how in all the shows I saw Led Zeppelin never made a mistake in "Stairway to Heaven". So it still comes as a shock when I come across a botched "Stairway". The best thing about the encore is a fresher than usual "Black Dog". This song sounded tired throughout most of the 1975 encores so I was glad to see it given a rest for most of 1977. It did not make a single appearance at the L.A. Forum. What is surprising is how good Plant sings it here on June 13...he really attacks the verses with gusto and tries to reach the higher registers. Page does a fair solo, too. So, all in all, a spotty up-and-down third hour keeps this show being as great as June 10 and June 11. It was the fifth night of the MSG run....maybe they were getting tired. But then I remembered how great Led Zeppelin was on the fifth night of the Forum run. So for comparison's sake I listened to June 26, 1977 this morning. This is one of the better 1977 shows easily. Plant is in strong voice throughout...no croaking in SIBLY or No Quarter or Ten Years Gone. Page is a beast and so is Bonham. Even Jones doesn't sound that bad singing on Battle of Evermore. Another thing I liked about the LA Forum run...they threw in surprises during the acoustic set. Six nights at MSG and not one extra song in the acoustic set.
  12. Just incredible work, Steve. My hat's off to you.
  13. No one will ever confuse the last ten years of Sonic Youth with their early SST years but they could still get it up when inspiration struck. 2000's "NYC Ghosts & Flowers" might be their most overlooked/underrated album and Lee Ranaldo's song "NYC Ghosts & Flowers" is an epic slow burn into a hurricane.
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