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    Livin' long enough to see Pontiac Silverdome 1977 released on DVD. 1970 Bath, 1971 Japan soundboards, 1968 Europe and UK tours are also ones I hope to live long enough to see.

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  1. Rick, you missed picking the Baltimore @ Seattle game.
  2. Week 7 Schedule Thursday, Oct. 17 TIME(ET) Kansas City at Denver 8:20 pm Sunday, Oct. 20 L.A. Rams at Atlanta 1:00 pm Miami at Buffalo 1:00 pm Jacksonville at Cincinnati 1:00 pm Minnesota at Detroit 1:00 pm Oakland at Green Bay 1:00 pm Houston at Indianapolis 1:00 pm Arizona at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm San Francisco at Washington 1:00 pm SD Chargers at Tennessee 4:05 pm New Orleans at Chicago 4:25 pm Baltimore at Seattle 4:25 pm Philadelphia at Dallas 8:20 pm Monday, Oct. 21 New England at N.Y. Jets 8:15 pm
  3. Congratulations to ebk and redrum co-champions for Week 6. jabe...I don't know what to say. 😮 Week 6 Results ebk: 10-4* redrum: 10-4* Bong-Man: 9-5 Strider: 9-5 Walter: 9-5 paul carruthers: 8-6 Mrs. W: 7-7 Junior: 6-8 LedZeppfan77: 6-8 jabe: 4-10 Season Standings After 92 Games 1. ebk: 61-30**** 2. Walter: 59-32** 3. Bong-Man: 57-34* 4. LedZeppfan77: 54-37 5. Junior: 52-39* 5. Mrs. W: 52-39 5. redrum: 52-39* 5. Strider: 52-39 6. paul carruthers: 50-41* 7. jabe: 45-46
  4. At least he is doing something. Plus, I appreciate his discussion of Nico and the Velvet Underground. I don't think I have ever read an interview before where he expounded on the VU to such length.
  5. Had one. Sold it years ago for $300.
  6. Unbelievable. And yet sadly predictable to anyone who has watched the Dodgers the past few years. Dave Roberts will always find a way to mismanage the bullpen and he keeps treating Clayton Kershaw like he is a dominant pitcher. He isn't. His fastball is nowhere near where it was six years ago and he chokes every year in the playoffs. He is no Sandy Koufax. He's not even a Verlander or Scherzer. No balls. No guts. No fire. Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager were useless in the playoffs, as usual....both batting below the Mendoza Line and striking out with regularity. No clutch gene in the bunch. Fire Dave Roberts. Trade Clayton Kershaw. Congratulations to the Nats and their fans...their first playoff series win since their rebirth. At least this saves the Dodgers the embarrassment of being destroyed by the Cardinals, Astros or Yankees.
  7. Just got confirmation from my friend...so it'll be Lana at the Bowl Thursday night.
  8. 25th anniversary screening last night. Hard to believe it's been 25 years already.
  9. I listed Bong-Man twice and forgot LedZeppfan77 in this week's standings update. Here is the correct list. Sorry...it's been a rough week. Season Standings After 78 Games 1. ebk: 51-26*** 2. Walter: 50-27** 3. Bong-Man: 48-29* 3. LedZeppfan77: 48-29 4. Junior: 46-31* 5. Mrs. W: 45-32 6. Strider: 43-34 7. paul carruthers: 42-35* 7. redrum: 42-35 8. jabe: 41-36
  10. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    You didn't see the hit on Mason Rudolph? The dude was out before he even hit the ground. He's in concussion protocol now...no way he plays this week.
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