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  1. Wow, does she sound a lot like Alison Kraus. Good stuff, great to see Plant and the band back out there!
  2. Thanks for the clarification on matrix. For awhile I thought it might be a collection from different recordings at the same venue, sort of like Bob has an excellent recording of the first 3 songs, then he hit some weird muffle thing, so we picked up songs 4 and 5 from Jenn's recording, but she cut off song 6 to switch the tape, so we got 6 thru 10 from Paul's recording...etc. Sort of an amalgamation. Thanks again. Kind of off topic, but I like the Berlin show. I like most of the 80 tour, they play a little rougher, not so much showboating.
  3. I will show my stupidity with bootlegs: what's a matrix?
  4. I doubt that the 3 living members of LZ read this forum. I doubt that if anyone knew how to reach them, they would offer up such information. Just enjoy the music.
  5. I didn't see any mention of this on this site. If it's already been posted, please remove mine. In the link is a pic of RP and Tommy Iommi at Nashville Airport. https://ledzepnews.com/2020/06/06/robert-plant-is-reportedly-recording-a-new-album-with-alison-krauss/ I don't revisit Raising Sand much, so we'll see what the new stuff is like.
  6. I have to say Ship of Fools has some of the most beautiful guitar playing in Plan't solo canon. And some of his best singing.
  7. Sorry I pretty much repeated what you said.
  8. Plant has always been a bit churlish about some of his former band mates (JPJ, Robbie Blunt, Johnstone). It would be interesting if he does say anything publicly about someone who helped reboot his career which was stalled a bit at the time. I doubt if he will.
  9. Page constantly states that he didn't want to put anything out there that had already been bootlegged or whatever. What Mr. Page fails to understand is the VAST majority of Zep fans own zero bootlegs. I know, the VAST majority of fans on this site DO own bootlegs, but almost every Zep fan I know owns none. Why not take some of the bootlegged stuff, polish it up a bit, and officially release it? Neil Young has his own site, neilyoungarchives.com FULL of stuff. Each week a new streaming concert. The ability to listen to all sorts of half baked attempts at songs. And he's constantly adding more stuff (unreleased albums, three this year). With Zep we get "oh gee it's been five years since I remastered the albums, a lot of new technology has come around since then, I'll remaster them again". I do agree that other bands have put our many hours of unheard music, and some of it is "meh" and some of it is "wow". There is no way Stairway was done in one or two takes, you could do like Dylan did with "like a Rolling Stone" where he released I think 50 attempts on the song in his archives. Oh well, I will stop ranting.
  10. I recently saw 1977 Tour shirts at Wally World up here in the US. Kids were buying them right up! Had to have had Zep's blessing one would think.
  11. Accoustic guitar wonderkid Marcin performs his full version of Kashmir. Pretty amazing, especially the dives!
  12. It's def an interesting take. He starts out in Kashmir, but then does some EVH stuff and ends up in something I am not sure of! But he does have a super unique style with all that guitar slapping. At one point during the Kashmir notes it looks as though he has no fingers on the neck, so I am not sure how he got that Kashmir sound. Impressive!
  13. It seems like this has already been out a year if I read the article correctly. At a time when artists like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young are doing some incredible work, Page issues a spoken word album. If there was any doubt at all that he is all done as a musician, you can put that doubt safely to rest.
  14. For me, the very early bootlegs that surfaced were the best. The feedback issues in the first songs only served to highlight how the band was going to just kept plowing along professionally until it got resolved. For me, the detuning of the songs and the lowering of Plant's vocal register was a bonus. But that's just me.
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