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  1. Damned fine job gibsonfan159. I always thought Tour Over Europe got a bad rap. I personally felt it was some of their better work. How many 25 minute drum solos can a human take? Or 30 or 40 minutes of DAC? They sounded good in 80, they sounded stripped down and a bit punkish, if that was the goal. Stairway probably should have been dropped or reworked somehow, but you gotta give the crowd what they want I guess.
  2. These lists are so subjective, but found it very interesting that Zep only had 74 studio songs (not including Coda). Anyway, here's this person's opinion. Warning: he's a Presence hater. https://www.vulture.com/2015/07/all-74-led-zeppelin-songs-ranked.html
  3. I am a dabbler in Star Trek. But I saw one the other night, TNG, where Picard lives an entire nother life in the span of 20 minutes. It was absolutely some of the best TV I have seen in years, just so well acted, and the story was amazingly good, To realize that after a few years, he sort of gives up on being Picard, and concentrates on his wife on the planet and has a family...and then when he comes back and aches a bit for the life he left...just very well done TV.
  4. This thread is still young, but yeah, Beck is awesome. So is EVH. Santana. Slash did some just amazing stuff in GNR's infancy and continues to be astonishing live. Buckethead can shred probably better than anyone, if that's what you're into. If it comes to publicity and current sales, then yeah, it's probably EVH.
  5. There is also somewhere the quote where Jones says once he and Lefevre have checked on Bonzo and realized he is dead, JPJ hears Page and Plant laughing and joking in the hallway and has to go to them and say "wait a minute....". Can't even imagine what Page and Plant did once JPJ dropped the news.
  6. This. There is nothing so sensual or beautiful as a big uninterrupted range of smooth skin on a woman...to have it interrupted by big black blotches...no thanks. I know for some they like it, but I think skin by itself is beautiful.
  7. I have to give points to Burning Down One Side as it was his first Post Zep song, and it just sounded so damned good to hear Plant's voice again. Ship of Fools for the guitar work.
  8. Hard to believe the same guy who did "Maggie May" goes on to do crap like "Do You Think I'm Sexy". He sure had some hits though. His earlier stuff is way better.
  9. I'm always a little amused at fouls in basketball. Some guy winds up flat on his back on the floor, and HE gets charged with fouling! I mean, I get the rules and all that, but it just looks so wrong, lol! Shaq was famous for elbowing players especially during his layups. He was just so big that he was knocking people left and right and most times got away with it.
  10. All I can say to most of those is.....WHAT THE.....
  11. Does Neil Young and Crazy Horse fit in here anywhere? To me, THAT is grunge and I freakin love it! I guess NY&CH are sort of California grunge, maybe... I totally agree that Page and Cornell could have been pretty amazing.
  12. Dylan was bootlegged extensively for much of his career. The Greatful Dead used to allow concert goers to record their shows, so there should be lots of them.
  13. What an astonishingly good album. RIP Greg. Thanks for the awesome music
  14. Greg Allman....what a talent. Maybe he and Duane are jamming again ... RIP Greg. And thanks for the ride.
  15. And clearly remains deferential to him to this day.
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