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  1. I recently saw 1977 Tour shirts at Wally World up here in the US. Kids were buying them right up! Had to have had Zep's blessing one would think.
  2. Accoustic guitar wonderkid Marcin performs his full version of Kashmir. Pretty amazing, especially the dives!
  3. It's def an interesting take. He starts out in Kashmir, but then does some EVH stuff and ends up in something I am not sure of! But he does have a super unique style with all that guitar slapping. At one point during the Kashmir notes it looks as though he has no fingers on the neck, so I am not sure how he got that Kashmir sound. Impressive!
  4. It seems like this has already been out a year if I read the article correctly. At a time when artists like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young are doing some incredible work, Page issues a spoken word album. If there was any doubt at all that he is all done as a musician, you can put that doubt safely to rest.
  5. For me, the very early bootlegs that surfaced were the best. The feedback issues in the first songs only served to highlight how the band was going to just kept plowing along professionally until it got resolved. For me, the detuning of the songs and the lowering of Plant's vocal register was a bonus. But that's just me.
  6. An interesting thread. I remember seeing LZ sales, and seeing that the two worst sellers were Presence and ITTOD. Of course, it's all personal opinion, but to me, weaker albums would be LZ3 and HOTH. But again, just personal opinion. But it got me to wondering, what IS it about ITTOD and Presence that made them somewhat unpalatable to the greater masses? I went back for a listen to both. For me Presence opens with a song that feels like it's going too fast, it never flows smooth, always feels like it's sort of struggling to keep up. Maybe it's the drums, I can't explain it, but it
  7. I follow Rick Beato on Youtube, and the day before Eddie Van Halen died, he put up this video. He pulled Page's solo out of STH, and then imagined how Eddie, Peter Frampton, or Eric Johnson would have done the solo.
  8. Stunned. Just a freakin huge loss. Major talent. RIP Eddie.
  9. Damned fine job gibsonfan159. I always thought Tour Over Europe got a bad rap. I personally felt it was some of their better work. How many 25 minute drum solos can a human take? Or 30 or 40 minutes of DAC? They sounded good in 80, they sounded stripped down and a bit punkish, if that was the goal. Stairway probably should have been dropped or reworked somehow, but you gotta give the crowd what they want I guess.
  10. These lists are so subjective, but found it very interesting that Zep only had 74 studio songs (not including Coda). Anyway, here's this person's opinion. Warning: he's a Presence hater. https://www.vulture.com/2015/07/all-74-led-zeppelin-songs-ranked.html
  11. I am a dabbler in Star Trek. But I saw one the other night, TNG, where Picard lives an entire nother life in the span of 20 minutes. It was absolutely some of the best TV I have seen in years, just so well acted, and the story was amazingly good, To realize that after a few years, he sort of gives up on being Picard, and concentrates on his wife on the planet and has a family...and then when he comes back and aches a bit for the life he left...just very well done TV.
  12. This thread is still young, but yeah, Beck is awesome. So is EVH. Santana. Slash did some just amazing stuff in GNR's infancy and continues to be astonishing live. Buckethead can shred probably better than anyone, if that's what you're into. If it comes to publicity and current sales, then yeah, it's probably EVH.
  13. There is also somewhere the quote where Jones says once he and Lefevre have checked on Bonzo and realized he is dead, JPJ hears Page and Plant laughing and joking in the hallway and has to go to them and say "wait a minute....". Can't even imagine what Page and Plant did once JPJ dropped the news.
  14. This. There is nothing so sensual or beautiful as a big uninterrupted range of smooth skin on a woman...to have it interrupted by big black blotches...no thanks. I know for some they like it, but I think skin by itself is beautiful.
  15. I have to give points to Burning Down One Side as it was his first Post Zep song, and it just sounded so damned good to hear Plant's voice again. Ship of Fools for the guitar work.
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