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  1. You are correct, it's all a matter of preference. For me, a Zep live show without Kashmir is just incomplete. It's why for me, the 77 North American Tour can be unbelievably good, and in some venues, quite bad, haha! Even the Tour Over Europe has some fantastic shows featuring a very different band (shorter songs, leaner instrumentation especially Page, and sometimes just very very tight). But for those who want to watch it on HBO, DVD, VHS, stream, go for it! I should probably take another look at some point.
  2. I think Celebration Day blows it out of the water. Just my opinion. I think the audio of TSRTS is very good, but Moby Dick could have been left out, or shortened mightily. Same for Dazed, though less so.
  3. LOL! Thanks man. To each their own I guess!
  4. As far as concert films go, it's probably one of the worst.
  5. Nope. Did nothing for me. It was music that was just "wow...another incredible song"....
  6. You gotta love the stuff Page comes up with. The song is too soft. Uhmm...Going to California soft? Rain Song soft? That's the Way (great freakin song) soft? I think for Page it was more of a "I didn't have enough involvement cause I was too stoned" soft type thing. Didn't mean to veer too far off topic. My older brother at the time LOVED the song, he was a huge Zep fan. I was just getting into them, completely (and still slightly so to this day) gobsmacked by Black Dog. So for me, AML was, well, to quote Mr. Page, "too soft".
  7. I'm with the OP. This song has never done much for me. Page's playing on it is very good, Bonzo's drums feel a little too heavy for such a soft song. It does (in retrospect) feel a bit like a Principle of Moments song, though POM is one of my fave Plant solo works. To each their own.
  8. Wow, does she sound a lot like Alison Kraus. Good stuff, great to see Plant and the band back out there!
  9. Thanks for the clarification on matrix. For awhile I thought it might be a collection from different recordings at the same venue, sort of like Bob has an excellent recording of the first 3 songs, then he hit some weird muffle thing, so we picked up songs 4 and 5 from Jenn's recording, but she cut off song 6 to switch the tape, so we got 6 thru 10 from Paul's recording...etc. Sort of an amalgamation. Thanks again. Kind of off topic, but I like the Berlin show. I like most of the 80 tour, they play a little rougher, not so much showboating.
  10. I will show my stupidity with bootlegs: what's a matrix?
  11. I doubt that the 3 living members of LZ read this forum. I doubt that if anyone knew how to reach them, they would offer up such information. Just enjoy the music.
  12. I didn't see any mention of this on this site. If it's already been posted, please remove mine. In the link is a pic of RP and Tommy Iommi at Nashville Airport. https://ledzepnews.com/2020/06/06/robert-plant-is-reportedly-recording-a-new-album-with-alison-krauss/ I don't revisit Raising Sand much, so we'll see what the new stuff is like.
  13. I have to say Ship of Fools has some of the most beautiful guitar playing in Plan't solo canon. And some of his best singing.
  14. Sorry I pretty much repeated what you said.
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