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  1. John Lennon on Zeppelin: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/what-john-lennon-thought-was-great-about-led-zeppelin.html/
  2. Paul McCartney's Give My Regards to Broad Street
  3. Zep IV is the only album where every song was played live at least once. That's it.
  4. I see what you mean. Thanks.
  5. Why is it called the Mars section and where did Page get it from?
  6. Howard loves Robert. He had a great interview with him and basically sucked him off. Stern loves Zeppelin.
  7. Hendrix and Zep tour and the encore has Jimmy and Jimi jamming together.
  8. Love the logo but I never got the hyphen between. Never like that part but I love the font.
  9. I love the Dead and have seen then multiple times since 1989. Love how they decide the setlist shortly before they hit the stage. That said, many Deadheads I have met do not like Zeppelin and can be very snobby about it. Always annoys me for some reason.
  10. Here we go again. Love Jimmy but he has been saying for like 15 years now.
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