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  1. Hell no. He never had the speed again that he had in Europe 73. He was great in 1998 but no where near his peak in themid-70's. The little notes and riffs between the notes are what was missing in his later days.
  2. OP mentions they opened up with GT/BT. I thought they never played it live except for snippets and medleys. Am I wrong here?
  3. Love the Stones but Zep crushes them in every way. Here is the end of the argument I have with Beatles and Stones fans: Zeppelin could play any song on the Stones or Beatles catalog BUT the Stones and Beatles could not play every song Zeppelin played. Mic drop.
  4. I wish he had kept John Baldwin. It's a bad ass name imo.
  5. Sorry for your loss. F Cancer. It is the worst!
  6. http://www.shewan.co.uk/robert-plant-hammersmith-odeon-17th-april-1988/ Here are the songs with Jimmy. Not the best sound quality but I will take it. Very cool!
  7. I love Sick Again live. (esp. in '77 with The Rover intro)
  8. http://bravewords.com/news/led-zeppelin-live-scandinavia-69-limited-edition-white-heavyweight-vinyl-due-in-july?fbclid=IwAR3wVfYyCmzvBSI5DLuHS82exdZXkS9mt0Vk9FXZuM7EbC6MxwSGha8hgVI Can't tell if this a bootleg or an official album.
  9. Tuscaloosa, AL in 1973. I went to school there. Would love to hear that show and the very first jam at Gerrard Street.
  10. Forgot about that. Good point?
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