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  1. 100% agree. I have always said this too. Hats Off To Roy Harper is the only useless Zep track imo. HHWCID would have been the perfect ending to Zep III. (esp. the way it just ends). HOTRH sounds like an outtake. Great minds think alike.
  2. So agree Steve. I love some of the 80's shows but the setlists were strange. Rain Song seemed out of place and the WS/BMS intro to Kashmir did not fit in the early 80's. I would have loved to hear more Presence or songs ever played before.
  3. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/breaking-julie-felix-dead-singer-21740725 Wish there was better footage of Jimmy's appearance on her show in 1970:
  4. Malofiy already said he is appealing it to the US Supreme Court. This guy is a complete D Bag. Too bad Peter Grant is not still around to "talk" to him.
  5. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/led-zeppelin-wins-stairway-heaven-copyright-fight-appellate-replay-1283184?fbclid=IwAR1JqZZv63hZS94BTQcrRHUbvtMWVU26gIS747ertnCS2gM_KK72Szv3MAA Woooooooooo!!!
  6. Not really but they are "Plant" based!
  7. ....and the dude sitting down by him Greg Brady in his Johnny Bravo guise
  8. Lez Zeppelin is pretty amazing too. Love Steph Payne on guitar.
  9. Without releasing any new live material, I have to the 50th Anniversary has been a bust. I was really hoping for the rumored How The East Was Won release. Still waiting for the obligatory "I am going to tour in 2019" from Jimmy still. 😏
  10. I love these guys. Saw them in Philly last year and the energy was amazing. Yes, they are very Zep like live (early days Zeppelin). Their cover of "That's Alright Mama" was fantastic and brought the roof down. Funny how people complain that modern rock sucks but as soon as a new band comes out with a classic rock sound, they are instantly slagged. F the haters. These guys are extremely talented and exciting live. I am a proud Greta Van fleet fan and can't wait to see them again in May! You're The One on SNL last night:
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