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  1. Another piece of bullshit. I don't have the app nor do I have to upload it and I don't give a fuck what you think. It was mooted by the Government but the Police refused to endorse or enforce it here in NSW. Typical, Zerocred only pushing their agenda and only giving one side of the situation and stretching the truth, as usual. Isolated incidents or not, some of them are staged by attention seeking, tinfoil hatted, flat earth, exhibitionist loonies as you recently agreed to. You are ennui personified.
  2. Same old claptrap from ZeroCred and the dropkicks therein who only concentrate on isolated incidents in Victoria only to lump it all on the whole country which is not only misleading but outright untrue. Some positive facts. NSW - Greater Sydney is out of lockdown. NO masks required in workplace offices or outdoors. They are still required at supermarkets and any places (indoors) where crowds are expected to gather. Sports, both community and professional have resumed. International and domestic flights and cruise ships to resume from November 1. Regional LGA's (Local Government Areas), to reopen as soon as 80% (fully) vaccinations have been reached and that could be by the end of October. Victoria - Greater Melbourne will be out of lockdown later this week. Queensland - To open their borders as early as November 19 but definitely on December 17. Families will be able to reunite for the Christmas Holidays. A.C.T., Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia borders open over the next few months. All reliant on 80% vaccinations target. Restrictions easing by the day. Australia is approaching 90% fully vaccinated. The way things are progressing the whole country will be open in the New Year so all the shit we have put up with over the last few months will be things of the past. Too bad that spurious website didn't report any of this and only focused on negativity. Btw, I am neither a cop nor a lawyer. I base my judgements based on facts and research and non-reliance on Google and the like.
  3. Had the person not posted and bragged about it on Facebook, the Police wouldn't have known about them attending the demonstration and this would've been a non event. Stupid is as stupid does. Also, personally I believe the Police overstepped the mark and the person was very rude to them which didn't endear themselves to the cops and as history has shown they have zero tolerance, right or wrong they don't care and will arrest more often than not. They're reputation is well known for their shoot first, questions later attitude. I do agree with the person's statement that the Police are serving the government and not the people. No surprise down there. The report is flawed. 1. Location unknown? Melbourne, Victoria. The person filming mentioned the name Andrews, the Premier of Victoria which I have mentioned on may occasions. 2. The editor should have recognised the police uniforms, after all the pictures and videos they've posted. A clear lack of due diligence. At least Zerohedge are consistent with their drivel and lack of research and facts. Yet again they post an isolated incident and sensationalise it to the hilt. Then someone replied and commented that, "Australia has fallen." No, if anything, Victoria has fallen.
  4. We don't have to wear masks outdoors anymore. Cheers Ross.
  5. No-one is fine with it. Too many recalcitrants. Truly predictable.
  6. Why can't you realise that pointing out certain things that are happening, does not mean any support for them? Social media, especially Facebook and Google have a lot to answer for. What kind of "principled stand" would you suggest? Storming our Government buildings like your "patriots" did to the Capitol Building, perhaps? We make changes by voting out those that deserve being thrown out and especially after going through all the bullshit dished out lately in Victoria. I expect a few States will have a new party and leadership in place when the next elections are held within the next 12 months or so. That depends on the size of the population. While there maybe a low risk of dying from the virus itself, there is a very high risk of dying from pre-existing respiratory and other serious health issues compounded by the virus and a very real risk of getting ill and hospitalised. It would seem you and many others are in constant denial that there is a problem. The only people "chastised" were those whose infected and refused to isolate for 14 days {really, is that too much to ask}, and damaging property and desecrating monuments to our fallen military services. I'm curious. if you condone wanton dishonour to your war dead? Surely not. Yes, we are known for our Merino sheep, best wool in the world and we made billions off of their fleeces.
  7. You're entitled to your opinions however misguided by spurious internet news services. Dismissive, really? Just stating the differences between the various states and how they've administered their own borders and restrictions etc. Anyone who uses apps on their smart phones are being "telescreened", along with using cameras on their laptops and PC's, so it's nothing new. As you know social media platforms use algorithms to present topics that are based on what users have either searched or participated in via their posts. Obviously you've ignored the fact that I don't support what the governments are doing nor do I support idiots who put others at risk, including themselves. I agree some of the measures taken were a tad extreme but totalitarian is a bit of a stretch given the term usually relates to communist countries which I assure you isn't the case here. Still on Victoria, today the Premier Daniel Andrews was fined $400 by Victorian Police for not wearing a mask! I'm looking forward to next week when I can resume rehearsing with my band and doing gigs again within NSW.
  8. Yes, our government dropped the ball for not going to an early lockdown instead of waiting until it was too late. We come out of lockdown on Monday. Certain restrictions will be lifted for the unvaccinated, fully vaccinated will be able to go to pubs etc. So it'll be interesting how that works out. I hope you can stay on track up there and don't have any outbreaks. Too bad about the Bunnies. Cheers to you too, mate.
  9. Once again this is all happening in Victoria where the lockdown measures and livelihoods have caused a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration to their citizens. While this is happening in Australia it is NOT happening all over the country but that's not how it's being reported, as the headline above clearly indicates and implies that ALL Australians are affected. This news service has a credibility issue. They have an opportunity to change this by voting out the Government at the next state election. Here is the fallout from the demonstration at a major union, with some of the participating members being struck of the membership. Covid-19 Victoria: Cases from the CFMEU head office climb to seven, spreading to babies, elderly | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site Here in New South Wales.... At most places like shopping centres there are QR codes posted. The camera is pointed at the code and a Health Dept. app is activated that records your current location and the time. No photo, selfie or otherwise is taken. The Health Dept. Contact Tracers gather the data and if a certain location has exposure to a potential outbreak of the virus in that area, a text is sent to them advising them to be tested, usually within hours of their visit to the suspect location. Most places nave an alternative sign in sheet where their name, mobile number and time of arrival is recorded. It takes longer for those to be notified if they have been exposed. It is NOT mandatory to download the Health Dept. app, however, the conditions of the businesses entry is that customers must at the very least, sign in on the register. For the record I have never been tested although I will be due to an upcoming visit to the Dentist that requires me to be tested 72 hours prior to the appointment. I believe that Covid testing is necessary however, the fact that my DNA can be recorded is a bit of a worry.
  10. As usual you misinterpret and attack me incessantly. Just to clarify again, no, I'm not implying any of that at all and I don't agree that mandatory vaccinations should be enforced either. Businesses, corporations and some government departments are imposing this on their employees. I don't condone any of the police overkill nor accept any form of tyranny, but surely people should be responsible enough to take precautions to not catch or spread the virus. Wearing a mask would be a good start especially in big crowds. Unfortunately Covid is not going away anytime soon and the only way to reduce the risk of infection is to take a common sense approach. There is (understandably), a lot of emotion involved so it won't be an easy fix. Vaccinations are preventative measures, not a cure and like all viruses (the flu, herpes and AIDS etc.), are not curable only treatable.
  11. I have a massive problem with the way Victorians are being treated and their government's hardline. I also have a problem with stupid people who deliberately put others in danger of catching the virus. This is the latest report on Victoria and they are in this mess due to lack of social distancing. Coronavirus Victoria updates: Deaths spike in Victoria as border restrictions with NSW to ease (9news.com.au) The irony is that a lot of the new cases are demonstrators and people who got together at AFL parties a couple of weeks ago.
  12. New South Wales and more importantly Greater Sydney, comes out of lockdown next Monday. Serving and protecting Victorian style. Get it right. Melbourne have been and is still doing it tougher than us up in Sydney. Their government down there is relentless with curfews and a constant police presence. I have friends in regional Vic. who are struggling too.
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