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  1. Reggie29


    Great game.
  2. Reggie29


    Tonight's kickoff imminent. Who's that band playing in the background? https://www.foxsports.com.au/video/league/nrl/blockbuster-eels-vs-chooks!776652
  3. Reggie29

    ANZAC Day

    Lest We Forget.
  4. https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2020/03/19/en-banc-ruling-in-led-zeppelin-litigation/?fbclid=IwAR1CkPotwaxavHvgtAlUdl_WYzeU40wVapt3uSVhKo7iawrFrtA9tK3SziA&slreturn=20200219204938
  5. This is among the only things this woman managed to salvage after evacuating her home from the fires around Cobargo N.S.W She was giving Scott Morrison a serve.
  6. Jimmy Page 76 today. It's in my mind too.
  7. We're finally getting some very light rain where I am courtesy of a thunder storm. Hopefully it's going where it's needed too. The downside is there is a risk of further fires because of lightning strikes associated with the storm. Thank you all for your thoughts and best wishes. Still a long way to go, another two months until Autumn.
  8. 9.47pm 36 degrees Celsius down from 47 at 3.00pm. Fires still raging.
  9. Well Reggie, your email bounced.  I sent you an in depth message

    1. LedZeppfan1977


      Where the fuck are you Reggie?  Less than 3 hours until the "race that stops the country"  Or is it planet?  I forget.  Just get your damn bets in.  

  10. So the Patriots are WORLD champions! How does that work? Two calls that stood out during the game that were confusing and momentum killers that definitely favoured NE. That tackle where the Rams player was penalised for being too rough or some other asinine reason. With all the protection they wear and obvious fitness, players should be able to take a hit like that. They are men aren't they?. Conversely, a Rams player was coathangered while the Patriots player escaped being penalised because he (the Ram), was deemed to be in the field of play, when clearly he was over the sideline. Why should that make any difference? A cheap head shot is a cheap shot every day of the week whether it's on or off the field. The way singers perform National Anthems nowadays is appalling , vocal histrionics are a poor substitute for singing with feeling and pride in your country. They do the same here at sporting events. Maroon 5, mediocre at best and definitely not a stadium act. Commercials!? Still, it was a tough defensive game that went right down to the wire.
  11. Evan Theatre Friday 30/11/18.
  12. How about that punter for Seattle, Michael Dickson?
  13. Nice work! I looked at 23 but it was hard to pick it when horses don't have much if any, form on Australian courses. I gave you second and third. You're welcome! The trifecta paid 2.5k here.
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