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  1. I love that Robert is letting his locks go grey. I am too! I figure screw it, I earned this grey.
  2. Hotplant

    Roberts Jeans

    *bump up* I noticed the new influx of Robert pix lovers so I shamelessly bumped this up for their pleasure. In honor of the bulge girls
  3. CLOUDS!!!!! We've had the hottest summer on record. 101, 104, 105, too hot to enjoy the outdoors. So I'm way happy for clouds today.
  4. Good god, I don't know HOW Sam has put up with you for so long, you are such an asshole. Authority on EVERYTHING. You're one reason i never come in here and the only reason i signed in to tell you what an ass you are. Love you Sam x and yes fondly remembering 73 in LA see y'all
  5. Hallo there Res .....I dunno, I just fish through what I like from beginning to end. I still love the guys, and the fact they are still alive is nothing short of a miracle Steve is hilarious.
  6. Awww, You're so sweet Deb. Happy Holidays to you, and thanks. I'll try.
  7. My beloved companion of 16 years passed on this July. I was devastated. I'm just about ready to look again. Miss him sooo much.
  8. Loving Cup....4 days straight....Grrrrr
  9. ohhhh, tonight we can view an asteroid on space.com
  10. cya'll again.....

  11. cya'll again.....

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