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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Levee was a much-loved, squirrel hating friend. My deepest condolences to you, your sister, your mom, and the rest of your family.
  2. Dear sweet Levee will be sorely missed. I too, never met him in person, but he has been a friend for over ten years now. I enjoyed keeping in touch with him via Facebook for many years now. Deepest condolences to his beautiful family. I also logged on to see the thread and pay my respects.
  3. Meh. Way to rub it in that you were around to see them perform...live. Awww Lakey! Good to see you here! I started posting in '03 after lurking on Electric Magic and .com for years. I've dropped off the face of the earth now that I have a job teaching and I'll be starting grad school in January. It keeps me busy for sure. I remember her real name, but not her screen name.
  4. We had that exact linoleumwhen I was a kid!
  5. Aw Pilot! How could I forget you? (I think this is the first time in months, possibly a year or so that I've logged on.) Awww! Nice to see you! I was thinking about you the other day.
  6. If you are still here: Happy birthday, hope you are doin' well.

    1. manderlyh


      Thanks! I am here, but this is the first time I've been online since before my birthday!

  7. hope you have a great birthday! xo

  8. First off, CONGRATS, SLAVE TO ZEP! Second, what made me happy was that while I was going on and on and on about the Dust Bowl in my 9th grade class today, I realized THAT THE KIDS WERE ACTUALLY LISTENING TO ME AND THEY WERE ACTUALLY INTERESTED! I honestly thought they wouldn't be too impressed with what I had to say about it. Remember, I'm an English teacher, not a history teacher. Third, the wine made me happy.
  9. One of my favorite businessmen in the world. RIP, Mr. Jobs.
  10. Bummer. I have the same Cybershot, and I love it. I've never had an issue with it, even after my mom DROPPED IT on the driveway when it was less than 6 months old.
  11. It seriously seems like JUST YESTERDAY that this happened. I honestly remember being glued to the TV, watching the news reports obsessively, trying to figure out what an Osama Bin Laden was. Being an American who was 20 at the time, I guess I really haven't known an America that wasn't at war or high-security as an adult. I just cannot believe that with all the changes we've seen as a result of this horrible tragedy that it seems like it just happened yesterday. I remember. I remember vividly.
  12. I have a wedding reception of an old college friend to attend today. It's a casual thing at a local park, and I missed her pre-wedding party (she got married in Hawaii, so she had a party before they got married). ...and I can't find the invitation. I've no clue what time it is, and I've called her and I've FB messaged her. I'm sure she's busy getting things ready, but I may miss it. That makes me feel bad. edit #2: I just went to the venue about the time I THOUGHT it was happening...I was on time, and I didn't miss a thing, thank God. edit: I'm very sorry.
  13. Well, I JUST watched it. I was scared to watch it before we got the pizza. They said the triple has 18 peppers. We only ordered the single. It has 6 peppers. ...and it was hot as hell.
  14. I have to brag. I'm officially a BAMF. I went to a local pizzeria, one that does habanero pizzas in August every year. I went with a friend and we had a single hab pizza (they have doubles and triples) and we lived to tell the tale! I only had two pieces, but it was good! It had good flavor, and the heat didn't overpower it like I thought it might. http://www.flyingpie.com/manvsfood.html ^It was even on Man vs. Food.
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