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    going through serious zep o2 withdrawals...can't stop watching the clips on youtube...

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  1. enjoyed your "government form letter" this morning...thanks for the laugh!

  2. happy birthday!

  3. just noticed it was your birthday...have a good one!!!

  4. might be living aboard on the strand...finger's crossed

  5. If you ever go to a keg party on the Silver Strand or go fishing on the IB pier......think about me!

  6. Hey, looks like you are going to avoid the ice and snow this year, maybe? It is getting damned cold in Germany already. Well congrats and have a good trip.


  7. hey, just got orders...san diego in mid december

  8. How are you? You are still in Norway?

  9. just passing through the site and saw it was your birthday...enjoy your day!!!

  10. hey saw it was your birthday today...have a great one!

  11. hope you're back in action soon!!!

  12. hey...have a great birthday!!!

  13. nothin' to peeve about???

  14. hey thanks, will let you know when i'm in your neck of the woods...

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