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  1. What was going on at the Boleskin House?
  2. Has he been on the record about that or did you just notice similarities? I think I read somewhere that he was a Pink Floyd fan.
  3. I’ve read several Zep/Page biographies over the summer and have noticed that a few discuss Page being carried around backstage before/after concerts by Peter Grant and other staff. Before Knebworth In 1979, Chris Salewicz mentions that Page was taken to the stage on a stretcher. Having seen pictures of him walking around after getting off the helicopter and footage of the concerts, I find that anecdote strange. Obviously, you can’t believe everything you read, but I’m just curious If you guys have thoughts.
  4. Yep, and he’s killing a cash cow by not coming out with a ‘warts and all’ autobio like Clapton did. But, when you’re selling autographed pictures for upwards of $2k, why bother? I doubt he needs the cash.
  5. The video for this song looks awful. Not that I expected Jimbo or the Stones to make an appearance, but it still defied my expectations. Anybody seen it?
  6. Or when he’s dead. Jimmy hates a lot of their legacy and will never disclose the details of anything but what he wants people to know. It’s like the existence of UFOs. The government is never going to come out and say they exist. You’ll have to be satisfied hearing from second hand sources.
  7. It pisses me off that people still ask him about this. I mean, let the man retire in peace. It’s never been up to him anyway, and everyone knows it.
  8. So it isn’t necessarily strange to hear mention of Zep during a Rolling Stone documentary, but I was quite taken aback when this flashed up on the screen for a split second. I had to pause it and take a picture b/c I’d never seen it.
  9. Oh, man. Imagine being able to make that much money just by signing your name. Must be nice. If I was going to do it, it would be the dragon tele and bow.
  10. His house wasn’t furnished by Burges, was it? I thought I saw this same table in Jimmy’s Old Mill house.
  11. I would be. I can only imagine how shocked he must’ve been after 45 years! I can’t believe it was ever found.
  12. I'm just finishing it up and found it interesting. Like someone said above, some details are wrong, so it isn't perfect. But I read "When Giants Walked the Earth" a month ago and noticed that Mick got a few details wrong there too. I just wish Jimmy would write us an autobiography himself, but I have a feeling it won't happen. Or, if it does, it's not going to include the entire story.
  13. This is always what I think when I see this footage. Why is that scarf so long? I get preoccupied by how close it gets to his feet.
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