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  1. That's 100% Bonham. Exactly the same pattern that appear in many solos and GTBT. If it is another drummer, I will stop listening to LZ.
  2. Nice one! The whole sequence is like GTBT. They roll into Foggy Mountain Breakdown.
  3. Only 43 euros in Europe! Looking forward to the book.
  4. Jimmy never does anything for free, especially these days Only his yearly album/tour-announcement is for free 😅
  5. Screaming can get annoying especially when it's overdone. Hughes is one of these guys. And the tonality of his screams sounds kinda "childish" compared to Gillan's screams (pre 1990) for example. I prefer singers like Dio who never or barely screamed.
  6. Anyone but Glenn Hughes for me. He is annoying a.f. especially his non stop screaming like a child.
  7. Rightfully so. Without Elvis there would be no LZ. I still think that Elvis had the best voice ever, studio and live. He was on top of his game till the end.
  8. I bought many of the Elvis reissues. They have better bonus material then the LZ reissues... Btw. Most of his early records aged well. Yes, his film stuff is mostly annoying, but other than that he has tons of great stuff.
  9. I agree. I like some of Ozzy's solo stuff more than some Sabbath. Especially the Randy Rhoads records are favourites of mine. Regarding Plant, I tried to like his stuff. But I just can't. I liked Raising Sand but that is mainly due to Allison Kraus. I still like his voice though.
  10. You better buy a real guitar than autographs for that amount of money
  11. It's the same with almost every member of famous bands. Often they suck outside the band context. My favourite example besides LZ is Queen. One of my favourite bands. But non of their members has done anything great after they lost Freddie.
  12. He can sell what he wants. But we are free to critizice this. Most critics like me are simply sad he doesn't release anything substantial. This is surely money-grab.
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