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  1. Rightfully so. Without Elvis there would be no LZ. I still think that Elvis had the best voice ever, studio and live. He was on top of his game till the end.
  2. I bought many of the Elvis reissues. They have better bonus material then the LZ reissues... Btw. Most of his early records aged well. Yes, his film stuff is mostly annoying, but other than that he has tons of great stuff.
  3. I agree. I like some of Ozzy's solo stuff more than some Sabbath. Especially the Randy Rhoads records are favourites of mine. Regarding Plant, I tried to like his stuff. But I just can't. I liked Raising Sand but that is mainly due to Allison Kraus. I still like his voice though.
  4. You better buy a real guitar than autographs for that amount of money
  5. It's the same with almost every member of famous bands. Often they suck outside the band context. My favourite example besides LZ is Queen. One of my favourite bands. But non of their members has done anything great after they lost Freddie.
  6. He can sell what he wants. But we are free to critizice this. Most critics like me are simply sad he doesn't release anything substantial. This is surely money-grab.
  7. Yes it's pretty ridiculous. He can't even give an example why Bonzo was "so" bad technically. If you can't prove your point, don't state it as a fact. Simple as that. It's a personal opinion and he was proven wrong by many guys who have more knowledge about drumming than he (and I'm not even talking about myself here).
  8. This is in a way a silly comment. So all classical music is superior to rock because the music is more demanding, technical and complex? Not just classical, but even country guys can play circles around rock guitar players. Bonham was the best at what he did. Even in techincal aspects he was as good as it gets. He was not taught by a teacher and didn't have all the possibilities of today. No videos for free nonstop, hell not even video tapes to slow down. And how do you know what Bonham was able to play? Maybe he would've kicked Cobhams ass if he tried jazz instead of rock? Or Buddy Rich? Vinnie Colaiuta? We simply don't know. A rock drummer playing this beat was kinda unusual and showed that Bonham was able to learn complex beats and I'm sure he learned it by ear. And yes, the halftime shuffle is complex, even if it sounds simple. I don't know how much you really know about drumming. Reading drummer boards doesn't make you a good judge. Just saying. If you prefer Thomas Lang or Jojo Mayer kinda drummers so be it. Even those technical guys have huge amounts of respect for Bonzo and his beats. Neither can play it the same way as Bonzo though. Each to their own, but you make your statements kinda invalid if you call everyone who appreciates Bonzos drumming as "fanboys".
  9. Yes true, it's not perfect. The problem with Jimmy there is that he left out certain parts. Maybe he was too high. But if you don't play a note, you can't miss it I was more focused on sloppy notes and unclean playing.
  10. My unpopular opinion about the band is: I think Jimmy is a bit overrated as a guitar player. And I also think Plant was a medicore singer in the 70's, compared to guys like Ian Gillan or Ronnie James Dio. I think while both Plant and Page get most of the praise for Led Zep, they were much too inconsistent to deserve all the praise, especially in concert. JPJ and Bonzo were on a higher level from a musicans perspective.
  11. I agree that Bonzo's fills sometimes threw the whole band off. Some fills ended out of time. However, your statement regarding Bonham is really ridiculous. Bonzo is up there with the best. He was no Dave Weckl or Vinnie Colaiuta and he never intented to be. But the ideas he came up with, the grooves, the feeling, the whole concept of rock drumming with his swing feel is flat out amazing. You can easily see how amazing he was when you listen to others covering his work. I've heard so many LZ tribute bands, I've seen top drummers playing covers of his grooves. Not ONCE has anyone come even close to Bonhams sound, feel and groove. It's the opposite with Jimmy: I've seen many great covers of his work. Bonham is the reason why I love Led Zep.
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