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  1. At the beginning of the interview he mentions to Robert that it has been 12 years since he has seen him which would be 1973. Man, that’s a tough one.
  2. Yeah that is awesome! I don’t think I’ve seen that before.
  3. Well the hospitalizations are certainly significantly lower in the vaccinated. But that is interesting. Did it mention the age groups of those deaths related to the vaccinated group? Also were they fully vaccinated at that percentage. The second link you provided I’m still trying to sort through.
  4. What an exciting time this was. I have a few questions. I was able to see them twice in 95, on May 20th in San Jose was an amazing show. I’ve tried to find reviews and haven’t been able too. Would you have any. I also have two bootleg CD’s of this show, one of them says it was an official radio broadcast. I’ll try and dig them up and send you pics to get your thoughts. There 1998 tour was absolutely fantastic! Musically they were crushing it. I wish Robert hadn’t walked away from it. Thanks for this thread, it’s awesome to go back and re-live the excitement of that time.
  5. Well except this isn’t true. It’s about an equitable distribution. And perhaps more about Desantis playing politics with peoples lives. If one considers that he along with Texas governor actually are threatening punishments to those companies and facilities that have a mask mandate. And while I certainly value your opinion, and thoughts on this subject along with others, RedState is nothing more than a blog. It’s not a reliable new source. Hardly a news website. It typically uses very sensational headlines and words to grab people’s attention. There is part truth to this article, that the Biden administration cut the amount of Monoclonal treatments that were being distributed. I’m not taking a side on this argument. I’m just pointing out that this blog from Redstate doesn’t have it right.
  6. Yep, and I’m jealous! I used to smoke, and smoke a lot, for the wrong reasons for sure. I had my dealings with opioids. Had a serious back injury from lifting. And on the stress I have some of that, I’m a small business owner here in California. I’m in the electrical industry. I would like something to slow my mind down, or at least be able to relax with the wife and have some mellow fun. But this new stuff is so much more powerful than what we or I grew up on. I’m old enough to remember when it was hard to get anything other than brown weed. Drinking isn’t my thing as well, I don’t like something that I couldn’t wash my face and drink some water and be okay. Not that I don’t have a few every once and a while. But I have a few buddies that say it’s just about finding the right kind. Cheers to you this weekend, hope you have a good one. Stay safe out there. Don’t let the Pillow Dr. or Mr Alex Jones PHD corrupt your mind with all of their truths and alternative facts!
  7. Hahahaha! That just went to another level. Good for the Fraternity guy. I don’t think I understand how this generation below me has been able to monopolize the internet. It is amazing to me how this gentleman and countless others are able to make really good money just giving testimonies, or advice, or just talking about nothing. I have a little brother that was hired by EA sports from being involved in a basketball tournament online. Now this young man makes really good money designing NBA games and basically playing the game and making adjustments. And he was able to get this job over 10 years ago by simply spending way to much time in his room playing video games against other kids who were also spending way to much time in their rooms playing video games! I was busy with a paper-route and mowing lawns, and actually playing sports for real. But hey, it takes all kinds and at the age of 45ish it is pretty interesting to watch and be a part of all the crazy changes that society is going through and has gone through. That’s what I’m in deep thought about. I also wish I enjoyed weed. I have tried to enjoy it. But the older I get, the more anxious I get, and the paranoia is just not worth it.But I’m jealous of those who can smoke, or eat their marijuana and have fun and not turn into a spun-out, worried, anxiety ridden, little tweaker!
  8. I did not know that about the acting. And hey, good for him that he had a hit record and I’m assuming made some coin and had some fun. I would like to think I have a better voice, I’m sure my daughter and wife would say it is a toss up.
  9. That’s a great practice/habit to create or to do. And great advice. Sometimes just something as simple as shutting off all the noise around us can help us to get grounded and get some perspective, or at the least just remember to be in the moment, and to enjoy the simple things in life. I know I’m a couple weeks late on the reply to your post/thought. But I could not agree more. Have a great night Paul.
  10. Manson is a Retarded Douche! And as Dom Irrara one of my favorite comedians would say” I don’t mean that in a bad way”! But he really is just a retarded, douchey, pig. Although, I do like a lot of his early work, well up to Dope Show. I can’t honestly say I know how responsible he was for the bands sound. But some of their stuff was very good. Still, I don’t mean this in a bad way, he just seems like a real dick. I could be wrong.
  11. Yeah he did. Like if Bobby D was 20-30lbs heavier in Taxi Driver. Alright, so if Right Said, and Milli Vanilli are just world class, are the Fine Young Cannibals perhaps the worst band and group ever. Or more specifically did the lead singer have maybe the worst voice ever. I’ve been spending some time in deep thought about that.
  12. Thanks. Man time is just flying by! It’s absolutely crazy to think that when Page and Plant hooked up in 94 that 14 years had passed since they had toured and we are now passing the 14 year mark from 07. It’s incredible and sometimes depressing. Thanks again Steve.
  13. Sexiest song ever! And we should be honest. He was way to sexy for his shirt. No question.
  14. I had never thought about that. Interesting, and thinking about it I’m certain that it had an effect on Music Videos. There were certainly Videos that Bands were putting out before TSRTS, but undoubtedly it had something to do with it. I don’t know if this is the thread for this question, but The Rolling Stones video for Waiting on a Friend was shot in front of the building that Zeppelins Physical Graffiti album cover was shot. Does anyone know if there was or is any significance to that? I thought I had read that there was. But I could be making that up.
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