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  1. These are very cool. Thanks to everyone involved in tracking them down and releasing them.
  2. I did both the 5/21 and 5/22 shows. Perhaps I sent you the wrong link. I'll PM you the ones for both shows, along with the 8/31/69 link you requested.
  3. Agreed. On a less somber note, I read a post at RO years ago that talked about the impact having your guitar slung low has on the way a person plays. IIRC, the person who wrote the post said they play guitar and when they have it slung really low, their playing unintentionally ends up sounding a lot like Jimmy's in '77. I believe the assumption was that it lessened their ability to easily and quickly reach the various parts of the neck. I don't play guitar so I don't know if that's true, but it is an interesting possibility, and if I could talk to Jimmy, I'd ask why he switched to having the guitar slung so low and what impact it had on his playing.
  4. If we assume Jimmy is the only variable and the second half of the band's career is when his heroin use kicked in: Robert still would have had his car accident; And his son would still have passed away; And we still would have lost Bonzo. I'm not sure those last few years would have been much different if Jimmy was clean. There would not have been a tour in '76 and Presence would still have been the rushed affair it was given Robert's condition after the accident. The '77 tour was a massive success, at least based on the number of shows played and tickets sold, even with Jimmy's habit. They still would have taken '78 off to give Robert time to recover from the loss of his son. '79 was always going to be a tentative affair because of the amount of time they'd been away from touring, and while ITTOD would likely have been different if Jimmy was fully healthy, he wasn't the only one in a vice's grip. And the '80 shows that were played might have been better, but they were meant as warmups for the US tour later that year and if the '95 to 2000 period showed us anything about Jimmy, it's that he needs a lot of time on the road to be at his best, which he didn't get with the Euro 1980 shows. And then 9/25/80 still would have ended things.
  5. I'll send you a PM with the links. Regarding dime and other torrent trackers, I intentionally skip them so these remasters don't end up on bootlegs. There's obviously nothing stopping EV or any other label from requesting a link from me through this site and releasing them on silvers, but as far as I know that hasn't happened yet. It does limit the audience who gets to hear them, but there are other ways to get them to a mass audience if I decide to broaden their distribution. And to be clear, I don't have anything against bootlegs. I just don't want the band mad at me
  6. Khruangbin doing a Pitchfork show in 2018, although the style of the music and visuals make it seem like it could have been recorded at the Fillmore in 1968.
  7. I've been working on it for the past month. I'm just doing some final adjustments to it, so I should be able to release it in a few weeks.
  8. I just sent you a message with the link.
  9. No problem. I'm glad you're enjoying it.
  10. No problem. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I've got two more things pretty close to being ready for release, April 27, 1969 and May 24, 1975. Keep an eye out for the announcements.
  11. Thanks. The recording already sounded good before I started working on it, which made it a lot easier to remaster it.
  12. This isn't bad for an audience recording, but it's amazing how different it is listening to this versus the pro recording from the next night.
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