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  1. Sure. I just sent you a message withe the links.
  2. I've been on a Page \ Crowes kick since I came across this thread a couple of weeks ago. I saw them three times (Worcester, Mansfield, and Camden.) I didn't realize until recently there is a soundboard of the Worcester show. I remastered it and then used it to replace the soundtrack of the audience video. Here's a brief sample. If anyone wants the full show, send me a message:
  3. From Google Translate: Numerous unused photos are also posted! “Japan Performance” summary mook series by legendary band. The latest issue is a thorough special feature of “Red Zeppelin” two visits to Japan! The date of the first visit to Red Zeppelin (September 1971) and the return date of the following year (October 1972) Uncovered black-and-white and negative files taken in the past, including unused cuts with no traces printed on them, and the freshness of different shots lined up before and after cuts that are already around and familiar It will be exciting. In addition to these rare black-and-white photographs, we will release the ZEP version of the “Live Tour in Japan” series, which we have carefully put out and compiled color photographs taken from both years! The Japanese performance of the month was a great performance in the career as a live band, and it was a tour in which all the members were the most greasy, and the strongest Led Zeppelin performed a truly legendary performance. The pattern became known to fans around the world through the bootleg, and the Japanese audience who was able to experience it at that time continues to attract envy from overseas ZEP enthusiasts. Many of these historical photographs that convey the enthusiasm to the present ... This is a must-read book for rock listeners!
  4. I just sent you a message with the links.
  5. Bootledz choice is "Bourbon Street Renegades" from Empress Valley: http://www.bootledz.com/mypicks.htm. It also got a thumbs up on Collector's Music Review. They discuss the source of the audience tape, but conclude "The Witch Queen" from Tarantura is better. "This was produced by the same taper responsible for Led Zeppelin’s February 28th, 1975 Baton Rouge tape along with several others (Sirene used his tapes for the ELP From Benny To Baton Rouge and King Crimson Heritage releases). There was quite a lot of discussion on The Taper’s Den about this tape and it was finally posted as Freezer’s Revenge. Some problems with this transfer regarding speed issues and tape stretches exist. Empress Valley claim to use a transfer of the master different than the internet source and this is accurate. They use a previous transfer made for a select few collectors. Once Freezer’s Revengewas posted one of the few made their copy available to recoup their loss. None of the problems with the internet source are noticeable on this release. It does sound very smudgy with a high pitched whine. The Tarantua release of this tape on The Witch Queen is superior to this set in every way. " https://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/empress-valley-label/led-zeppelin-bourbon-street-renegades-empress-valley-evsd-180181182-sbc-456/
  6. Glad you liked it. Check your messages for the links.
  7. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/ag-barr-s-justice-department-has-whole-lotta-love-led-n1043361
  8. I just sent you a message with the links.
  9. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just sent you a PM with the links.
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