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  1. SteveZ98

    Long Live Led Zeppelin

    Good to have you back. You're website was very helpful back in the day. I'm looking forward to stopping by again.
  2. I remixed the Divinity version of the March 7, 1970 show with the goal of getting the guitar in the right channel and the vocals and other instruments in the center. Anyone who wants the rest, send me a message.
  3. SteveZ98

    Berkeley (Going to California)

    According to Bootledz, it's the version on the Graf Zeppelin label: http://www.bootledz.com/mypicks.htm
  4. SteveZ98

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    Message sent.
  5. SteveZ98

    The Led Zeppelin Book List

    If you're reading this, you need "Evenings With Led Zeppelin" by Mike Tremaglio and Dave Lewis. It's a stellar examination of each show the band played. It's like "The Concert File" on steroids. As a disclaimer, I've been friends with Mike for twenty years, but I'd still rave about it even if I didn't know him. It's a must have for everyone who loves Led Zeppelin.
  6. SteveZ98

    Best version of Detroit 7/12/73?

    According to Bootledz, the Graf Zeppelin title "Detroit Rock City 1973" is the one to get for both the 12th and the 13th. http://www.bootledz.com/mypicks.htm
  7. SteveZ98

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    'Tree Hunt" by Emancipator:
  8. SteveZ98

    Page & Plant TV Promo Ads?

    Here's the text of a press release from Miller about their sponsorship of that tour: It does mention that they will do advertisements related to the tour. Unfortunately, the "mdgdtaproom" link in the release looks like it now belongs to a person instead of a company and it does not contain anything related to the tour.
  9. SteveZ98

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    And it looks like the audio is brick-walled. Here's a screenshot of Sick Again from the new source. Given their recent releases, it seems like both EV and T2K have decided to turn their compressors up to 11
  10. SteveZ98

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    "Atom Bomb', by Fluke.
  11. SteveZ98


    I hope you're correct. However, his 75th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the first album are both coming up next month. If anything was coming out for either of those he'd be talking about it now, as the release would only be a few weeks away. And yet he said "who knows what may come further on down the line? I don't know." If anyone should know, it's him. But apparently he doesn't. Again, I hope I'm wrong, I just get the sinking feeling I'm not.
  12. Thanks. Looks like the full article is only available if you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.
  13. SteveZ98

    Newly found roll of Zeppelin photos - 06-10-77

    Agreed. Outstanding image.