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  1. The band put ones for the March 3 and 4 1975 shows on YouTube. You can also get to it from this site at https://www.ledzeppelin.com/video/texas-1975-8mm-film-radio-ads
  2. Our first snow in quite a while. It was much milder and dryer here than normal this year. Just yesterday I was thinking I'd have to start mowing the lawn soon. Looks like Winter wanted to say goodbye.
  3. You'll probably get more responses to this thread if you move it to the Musician's Corner section of the site that's dedicated to this type of stuff: https://forums.ledzeppelin.com/forum/17-musician39s-corner/
  4. Yes, the soundboard from the first night in Osaka is the one that came out recently. The one from the second night has been out for a while. Both have been very well received because they capture the band at the height of their powers, and they are a nice change of pace from the '75 and '77 shows that have comprise the majority of soundboards from Empress Valley.
  5. Welcome. With the release of the 9/28/71 soundboard recently, you picked a good time to join the site.
  6. Welcome. Thanks for sharing. Can't image how cool it was to be there. Do you recall any other songs being played beside the ones listed below, which are from the initial post in this thread? PARTIAL SETLIST 1. Hey Joe 2. Morning Dew 3. Banks of Sweet Primroses 4. Mystery Train 5. That's Alright Mama
  7. For their career as a touring band, "Evenings with Led Zeppelin" by Mike Tremaglio and Dave Lewis is an amazingly informative chronological guide to each show the band played. I'm friends with Mike, but if you don't believe me because of that, check out the numerous five star reviews of the book on Amazon. It's a must have for everyone who has any interest in Zep as a live band.
  8. Thanks. In general, Zep's soundboards lack any of the effects that would have been applied to the instruments before they were sent through the PA, so they end up sounding very flat. And the recordings don't capture any of the low end, so you end up missing a good deal of what Bonzo played and Jonsey's Alembic ends up sounding like a kids toy (it's only when you hear it with the low end added back in that you realize it was really a weapon of war.) Remastering is an attempt to fix those problems. The hard part of it is that I only have the stereo recording to work from, so I can't change the sound of one instrument without impacting the others. Luckily, that changed recently with the advent of software that can break a song into separate tracks for the individual instruments. It's a complete game changer when it comes to remastering these soundboards because now they can also be remixed into stereo recordings (guitar in the right channel, keyboards in the left, etc.) I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but you'll hear the results soon and they're stunning
  9. I just sent you a message with the links.
  10. I remixed this to stereo and then did a 15 minute remaster to get a basic idea of how it might sound after a full remaster. It came out pretty good, although the YT version does not sound as good as the one I used to create that video. If anyone wants the full version, send me a PM.
  11. Wow, that's quite the labor of love. For what it's worth, I typically have people PM me for links when I remaster a show instead of posting them directly on the site.
  12. Can anyone grab a copy of this and PM it to me? I want to try something
  13. While I agree that it would be great if there was a site that covered both CDs and non-pressed releases, the OP asked specifically for bootleg CDs, which is why I referred him to Bootledz.
  14. Agreed. I get hopeful every time there's a new post in this thread that something's being announced. And when it's just a post about another band, it's even more disappointing than if it was just random speculation about what Zep might (or might not) do for the anniversary.
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