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  1. Here's another detailed account of attending a '77 show. This one is from Mike Tremaglio, and friend and the co-author of the stellar "Evenings With Led Zeppelin" book. http://www.oldbuckeye.com/prox/p15.html
  2. "Blaze", an instrumental heavy metal song by Asterism. They're three teenagers from Japan who have serious chops. The lead guitarist is sixteen years old and barely bigger than her guitar, but holy crap she can play:
  3. Just stumbled across Band-Maid, a female Japanese hard rock band that's been around a few years. I'm really digging them, especially the drummer. A YouTube comment said "she hits those drums like they owe her money", which pretty much sums it up. More info at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Band-Maid And here's them killing it live in London:
  4. Is it really only 1 CD? Edit: Found more info on AA. Looks like the soundboard is only a single disc. " The Night Stalker is also available as 1CD limited set with original oversized jacket similar to the previously released title Rock Superstars." Link: http://www.argenteumastrum.com/
  5. I like these kinds of reminiscences so I did some digging into the publisher. Apparently this is one of a series of similar books done on other big name bands (Dylan, Pink Floyd, etc.) Looking at their web site, it's still not clear if these are new accounts of people having seen Zep or compilations of things that were published online but never before in book format. I don't recall anyone asking for recollections recently on this site, which would seem to the first place to go to get in touch with people who saw Zep. Either way, their other books have favorable reviews and are available in Kindle editions on the Amazon site for less than US$10.00. Hopefully this one gets the same treatment so anyone who's curious can pick it up for relatively little money.
  6. Any idea if they're new accounts or just a compilation of existing ones from this site and other sources?
  7. There's an article about the film on the Variety web site: https://variety.com/2019/film/global/cannes-bernard-macmahon-led-zeppelin-feature-documentary-altitude-1203208613/
  8. Mike, It's a generous offer. One suggestion I'd make in the interest of security is to edit your post to remove your email address and phone number and ask people to send you a private message instead. Steve
  9. In a 2008 interview with Uncut magazine, Robert Plant spoke of the 1977 tour: “By 1977, I was 29, just prior to Karac’s passing, and that sort of wild energy that was there in the beginning had come to the point where we were showboating a bit. Unfortunately, we had no choice. We were on tours where places were going ape-shit. There was no way of containing the energy in those buildings. It was insane. And we became more and more victims of our own success. And the whole deal about the goldfish bowl and living in it, that kicked in”.
  10. I'm almost done with the 5/25/1977 remaster. I thought I'd have it finished by now but I ran into some unexpected problems, although I think I have a solution for them. Here's a preview. I really like the tone on the Alembic on this one.
  11. Steve, what's the reception in Japan to K-pop bands? Are they overtaking J-pop bands in popularity?
  12. The first five songs from April 27, 1969 (Train Kept A Rollin, I Can't Quit You Baby, As Long As I Have You, You Shook Me, How Many More Times.) The sound quality is already good and could be cleaned up easily, and those songs have full stereo separation so they already sound like a traditional live album with the guitar in the right channel. Of course, they'd have to pay royalties on Train and As Long As I Have You , which will probably keep them from being released. That's too bad too, as I think it would great for the casual fan who doesn't have any bootlegs to get to hear them for the first time. It would be like getting two new Zep songs for the 50th, which would be a big deal if you never heard them before.
  13. Elusive Disc does not normally sell bootlegs, so it looks like this could be an official release. If it is, hopefully we'll hear details about it soon from Sam.
  14. Looks like it is, although I checked a list of upcoming releases and it's not on it. Amazing that the band has seen fit to license As Long As I Have You. It will be nice to have that as an official release so more people get to hear it. https://www.metacritic.com/browse/albums/release-date/coming-soon/date
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