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  1. We'd love to hear more about working with Jimmy. Were there any other songs mixed for Coda that didn't make the album?
  2. looks like it to me. really good condition based on the photographs.
  3. Maybe the best WTLB so far. I don't think they ever got it right live though. Maybe in '71 could have worked.
  4. Surfaced yesterday afternoon. Here's the link (if allowed here?): https://www.dropbox.c
  5. The audience source started circulating yesterday afternoon. YES!!
  6. From Lloyd Godman on Facebook: On 25 Feb 1972 Led Zeppelin played at Western Springs Auckland NZ . In 2019 I found a forgotten reel of standard 8mm movie film I had shot decades ago and had it digitized. To my surprise there was a forgotten sequence of Led Zeppelin at Western Springs Auckland. 1972. In 2020 I was contacted by Jude Row from NY who worked with Eric and synced the silent film with a recording from the Auckland concert. We will be releasing this on youtube 25 Feb 2021 exactly 49 years later - so keep your eyes open. The photos are a couple of screen shots from the film.
  7. Sounds good. I think Bring It On Home was recorded on the road so it would have probably been a Marshall or HiWatt? If you want to try to capture his Vox sound, try doing Whole Lotta Love.
  8. Midnight screenings back in the day were legendary. By this time in '86 the party moved to our homes watching it on the small screen.
  9. I'd say more tapers have been turned off by the elitist, circle-jerk clique attitude of some collectors, like has been on display in this thread. Surprising this still occurs in 2021. We'd be a lot further along as a fan community without this b.s.
  10. You are mistaken. Maybe you have some wax build-up in your ears. Try q-tips. Are you aware this was publicly released by the taper himself and he also publicly stated he can't find the rest of it, though he would try and look for it. Why can't this one song be circulated & enjoyed here or anywhere else, Sir Royal Highness of Rare Tapes? Your ego? So everyone needs your permission when a taper himself releases their own recording, lol.
  11. Something new.......... This is apparently the only existing fragment of an audience recording from Hollywood, Florida, Sept. 1, 1971 - Black Dog. https://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/september-1-1971 1971-09-01 - hollywood florida - black dog.ogg
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