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  1. The photographer posted these here on the forum a year or two ago.
  2. Excellent. The old one was there for such a long time. I'll be diving in to the bio section now.
  3. Nice! Looking forward to getting my copy soon I hope.
  4. Resurrecting this thread for the temporary re-launch of the Sirius Led Zeppelin channel. Apparently you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of SiriusXM. https://blog.siriusxm.com/led-zeppelin-radio-to-deliver-a-whole-lotta-hits-deep-cuts-commentary-on-siriusxm/
  5. I should get Philip's book. He first wrote the story about Zep in Memphis 1970 for the old L-Z.com site and it's in the timeline. https://www.ledzeppelin.com/lzprogrammes/lzrauls.html
  6. This is from December 2019 - https://filmfreeway.com/LedZeppelin specs: Apollo Credits Specifications Film Type: Documentary, Feature Genres: Music, History, Biography, independent Runtime: 2 hours 27 minutes Completion Date: December 31, 2019 Country of Origin: United States Country of Filming: United Kingdom Film Language: English Shooting Format: Arri Alexa 4K + Archival film Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Film Color: Black & White and Color
  7. Good point. There were some syndicated articles in April 1977 from New Orleans with Peter Grant being interviewed. It's very possible that's when the photo was taken. There's also a photo of the whole band in New Orleans at the corner of Toulouse & Burgunday in the French Quarter which looks to be around April 77 too.
  8. The older 8mm film (close to the stage) of this show had a clip of Celebration Day.
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