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  1. Good to know. Been meaning to catch up on that show.
  2. Yes August 10th is the right date. Info on the time-line https://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/august-10-1970
  3. Jason's comment was "he was told" that his dad met him, once again stories that originated from Jeff so that's not proof. Anyway, looks the sticks didn't sell.
  4. There's only one reference in the book: JEFF OCHELTREE (drum tech who assisted Bonham on 1977 US tour) Mick made £45 a week working for Zeppelin at the beginning. He just kept doing the same things, taking drugs and never really developing as a drum tech. That’s why they treated him as a class clown and dressed him up as a butler. After an interview for that book, this was the only worthwhile quote? He has no first hand knowledge and what a jerk to even say this. Notice his credit -- Jeff was a "drum tech" who happened to "assist" Bonzo in 1977 in some vague way. B.S. As usual, no details and it's no longer "toured with Zeppelin" like previously claimed, nothing on recording Presence, ITTOD, Knebworth, 1980 tour. But somehow he's qualified to be making instructional videos and interviews on the green sparkle kit or recording in the studio for their last two albums, yeah right. The response from the auction to Cookie above --- "we know Jeff Ocheltree knew John Bonham".... And how do you know this? Because Jeff says so? "Jeff knew John there is no question to that," Well yes, there is BIG question to that claim. "he was John’s Tech and even went on tour with Led Zeppelin, this is right from Jeff’s mouth"... This is a false claim Regarding the auction, "They have an excellent provenance coming from Jeff Ocheltree. " Literally have the Bonham family (through Jason) completely refuting this guy so....
  5. You'd think that John Bonham bringing in a new "tech" in 1975 / 1977 would be a big deal? LMAO The stories seem to change through the years. I've read LA 77 and 1975 somewhere else. 100% of the tales of him supposedly being involved with Bonzo are only from Jeff himself. Never been any corroborating evidence and as mentioned, Jason has asked around the Zep circles, yet nobody ever heard of him. Here's something posted on the site:
  6. Long overdue. And in that auction he's referring to, the description says that the photos of the drum sticks are not the ones being offered for sale. wtf? They show a photo of legit Bonzo sticks, but you can't see what they're actually selling. Fake ass shit should be pulled.
  7. Jimmy Page FB: Scarlet by The Rolling Stones and featuring JP, is out tomorrow. Listen to the exclusive first play plus a chat with Mick Jagger and Jimmy tomorrow on BBC Radio 2 with Zoe Ball – tune in from 08:30 BST Wednesday July 22nd. Out everywhere 09:00 BST.
  8. watched this the other day -- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080360/
  9. Would have been interesting to see Jimmy use one of these guitars live in The Firm or Outrider.
  10. He should release the Hammersmith Odeon show on blu-ray.
  11. Would love to see these shows in the US. The '77 production looks great too.
  12. Hey moron, according to locals in his area he does A LOT for charity all the time. You just don't hear about it because it's kept private.
  13. It's a little time travel journey when seeing new clips.
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